Ive finally done it!

Almost two and a half years after its release and after over 290 hours of play time, Ive now completed (what most to consider to be) 100% of The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild!

Having completed all 120 shrines, finishing all the side quests, finding and upgrading all of the equipment, seeing all of the memories, unlocking the elusive 100% of the map and yes; even finding all 900 koroks, I can happily say I feel Ive rinsed the game of all of its objectives.

The purchase of the download content really helped to reignite interest in the game again, after having finished the main quests and finding over half of the koroks.

It seems almost impossible to do all of the above without the help of online guides and interactive maps without spending even more hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to do so. It was still great finding and figuring out the environmental puzzle for each of the koroks and the sense of exploration you got traversing the wilds of the game.

Even at the end, after spending so long playing, I noticed tiny details which only Nintendo seem to be able to do. For example, the missing stones in the korok Read More – Source


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