Great topic this week, one that really got me thinking. I could have said Mass Effect 3, because of the ending Id somehow managed to keep spoiler free, but Id be being disingenuous as I enjoyed the hundreds of hours prior to it. I regret deliberating greatly with regards to the choices over the years though, expecting them to matter at the end and they just didnt.

If the question was regret buying, Id say Metal Gear Solid V, as I found it mundane and regretted buying it within two to three hours of playing it. Still do, although I did at least keep battling on for a while hoping itd get better. Ive played much, much worse games, I just havent paid so much for them.

I thought Id give my Trophy/Achievements list to spot something I couldnt immediately think of and the answer was so obvious: The Crew 2.

I dont regret buying it, its a good game for what it is and I platinumed it without paying much attention to the Trophies, which shows more of a time investment than any real skill, so I definitely enjoyed the story part of the game. However, I hugely regret spending so many completely wasted hours grinding for perfect set parts, purely to then go for high scores on the worldwide rankings. I managed to get in the top 100 on quite a few events, and had worked on loads of bikes/boats/different car types to shoot for more; things Id not have bothered with otherwise as theyd done me well enough to finish the game long before but werent high score quick.

For that you needed seven max level parts, all matching to get the set bonus – I guesstimate it took me 12 hours alone just to get a set of street race parts, and theyre one of the easiest of the specific event types. Id hate to think how long it took me to get a perfect set of the alpha car parts, which I never got round to utilising anyway, as that was the next event set for me to have a crack at.

For those that dont play the game, they updated it with a big chunk of extra content a while ago (May I think) and wiped all of thRead More – Source


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