PS4 Free Games News: Download this new battle royale shooter from Sony this weekend (Pic: Sony)

Dont Even Think is a new multiplayer survival game from Perfect World Games and Dark Horse Studio, the team behind the hugely popular online shooter, Farside. It falls into the same battle royale category though has a unique twist: werewolves.

You can download and play Dont Even Think right now, the game has launched for free on the PlayStation Network on July 10th. However, if youre not based within the United States then there are a few hoops youll have to jump through before you can start playing.

It's doable, but well explain those later.

Heres the official description from the games website:

“Dont Even Think is a survival game with the core of multilateral asymmetric confrontation. Players will experience a strong tension from the pressure of survival, as well as the newly-defined 'escape' and 'kill'. When being involved in a tight game, it is absolutely never wise to fight alone. Proper cooperation always creates unexpected results. Collecting information, analyzing and implementing strategy is also the key to becoming a winner.”

Having appeared out of nowhere, there isnt much buzz surrounding PS4s newest battle royale game.

From footage captured by early players it looks to tick those essential boxes though its hard to say whether the inclusion of player-controlled werewolves adds to the fun or simply causes frustration.

Here's a quick overview of the games key features as well. Just in the event, y'know, Battle Royale with Werewolves didn't already win you round:

Join the DET-i: We provide everything you wanted! Take a look at what the world outside has turned into. You gotta be quick on your feet, you know damn well what the DET-i can offer you. You want your family to worry about your life? Join the DET-I: We provide everything you wanted!

Man up! This will be your new life now. It doesnt matter where youre from, what merits youve earned in the past. Whether you were homeless, bullied, bankrupt, or a criminal, here, you do what youre supposed to do! Man up! This will be your new life now.

Youll never get what you want standing like a fool here. Fired a gun before? Or you are waiting for me to pray for you? Get your ass to the battlefield, go get shot, lose a few parts. Youll never get what you want standing like a fool here.

Shut up, hold your breath, and dont bite the bullets! Remember! Curiosity kills the cat! You see the tower? Dont even think about climbing it. Weird scene? Dont wet your pants. Shut up, hold your breath, and dont bite the bullets!


How to play outside the US

Say you want to play and you're not in the states, heres how you can get involved. This excellent guide from Push Square takes you through the steps of setting up a U.S. region PlayStation Network account.

  1. Log out of your usual PSN account.

  2. Hit 'New User' on the subsequent screen.

  3. Hit 'Create a User'.

  4. Hit 'New to PSN? Create an account'.

  5. HitRead More – Source


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