Madden NFL 20 Ratings: 99 Overall Players Club Revealed Ahead of Next Football Season (Pic: EA Sports)

MADDEN NFL 20 UPDATE – Added Khalil Mack News & Stats

Original Story – The Madden 20 release date is less than a month away and things are starting to kick into gear as we approach the game's launch.

That means we've got plenty of player ratings to look forward to. Already EA Sports dev team has revealed plenty of rookie ratings, which is all well and good, but to be honest, the ratings which fans and professionals have got one eye on, is the 99 club.


Rather than paraphrase EA Sports, here's how they describe the exclusive overall players club:

The Madden 99 Club is an exclusive tier of NFL talent that represents the highest level of video game prestige, reserved solely for earned and maintained excellence on the field. A 99 OVR is the maximum possible rating in Madden, and 99 Club status elevates a handful of players above even the most skilled superstars in the league.

So there you go, basically, you're looking at the best of the best when the game launches on August 2, 2019.

Last night EA Sports unveiled the very first 99 club member (more on that below) and will continue to reveal more players all week. EA has already teased that the updated list looks "a bit different" to those players chosen last season.

We've detailed which players made it last season at the bottom of the page, but for now, let's look at who's made the 99 club in Madden 20, including one of our personal favourites from the Los Angeles Rams.

Khalil Mack is the 3rd member of the Madden 20, 99 Club! (Pic: EA SPORTS)


Chicago Bears

LOLB | #52

Height | 63”

Weight | 252 lbs

College | Buffalo

Exp | 6th season

We all witnessed first-hand what the addition of a 99 Club-caliber player like Khalil Mack can do for an entire defensive unit. When the Chicago Bears acquired Mack from the Raiders last season, he changed the face of the NFC North, and became the foundation of Chicagos defensive front.

In his first game as a Bear, Mack went off, forcing two crucial turnovers, including a strip-sack, and logged a 30-yard pick-six scramble, all in the first half. He finished the 2018 campaign with 12.5 sacks and six forced fumbles.

Mack's Ratings Highlights

  • 97 Power Moves
  • 95 Pursuit
  • 94 Tackle
  • 94 Jumping

Like a lion hunting his prey, if you lose sight of Mack after the snap in Madden 20, it's already too late. Elite pass rushers like Mack are a mix of strength, speed, and tenacity. His zone ability called Unstoppable Force highlights what makes Mack a true Monster of the Midway. When he enters the zone, his ability increases win rate and block shed speed against one-on-one pass blocks


The best MLB in the NFL, Bobby Wagner is the 2nd member of the Madden 20 99 Club! (Pic: EA SPORTS)


Seattle Seahawks

MLB | #54

Height | 60”

Weight | 242 lbs

College | Utah State

Exp | 8th season

Bobby Wagner is an elite and versatile defender and is arguably the most well-rounded linebacker in the league. Wagner is a beast against the run, dominant in pass coverage, is one of the leagues premiere pass-rushing linebackers, and is hands down the best tackler in the NFL. Wagner doesnt miss tackles either, as hes only logged 13 missed tackles over the last three seasons.

Wagners Ratings Highlights

  • 99 Tackle – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Pursuit – Best in Madden 20
  • 98 Hit Power – Best in Madden 20

Like all of this seasons Madden 99 Club members, Wager is also a Superstar X-Factor player, with a zone ability called Shutdown. Shutdown defenders have the talent to erase receivers from the game. When Wagner enters the zone, his coverage is tighter, and interceptions are more frequent on contested catches. Wagner can literally do it all on Read More – Source


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