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How can they be gamers if they're smiling?

How can they be gamers if theyre smiling?

The Morning Inbox is more worried about Shenmue IIIs release date than anything else, as one reader plans a trip to Plaza Capcom.

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Not for you

I see a lot of people across the Internet (but thankfully less so the Inbox) are already complaining about the Switch Lite, but none of the complaints really seem to make any sense. Yes, it doesnt have as many features as the original but thats because its cheaper. If it had the same features it wouldnt be as cheap. It would also be the same thing.

I get it, people are upset that its not a revision aimed specifically at them. Its clearly aimed at kids and causals, both of which are likely to be drawn to the Switch by Pokémon Sword/Shield this Christmas.

I often the think the reason gamers always seem to be so bitter and angry all the time is that they cant accept that not all video game products are aimed at them. Sometimes companies arent targeting you, theyre trying to sell their wares to someone else. That probably means that the thing wouldnt be of any interest to you anyway, although I think even that fact is what gets them angry sometimes.
Ashton Marley

Switch Heavy

The Switch Lite was rumoured for some time, I get it – its a great way for Nintendo to renew interest in the console, reduce the price and for it to still remain profitable. But, as others have observed, they seemed to have sacrificed a lot of the existing models appeal. Arent we supposed to huddle round a screen (that stands up) and play Mario Kart with each other? Isnt it neither a handheld nor a conventional TV-based console?

I have thought about getting one for a while but what I actually want is one thats a bit bigger (large tablet screen size please), and certainly still with the option to switch to TV. Does GC know if theres an HDMI-out on the new model (I sincerely doubt it)? Why cant it throw to a second screen via Bluetooth? Is it also the case that you cant use a traditional controller with the Switch Lite?

Far from being on the brink of buying one, Im now fairly certain that Ill stick with my PlayStation 4.

Colours and D-pad are nice though.
Owen Pile

GC: It has no HDMI-out but it is compatible with all existing Switch controllers. Its a cheaper model, that purposefully sacrifices features for price. The original is still available.

Growing family

I think the new Switch model looks great. Its a perfect way for Nintendo to continue their handheld dominance. The Switch is an expensive bit of kit, so a cheaper model alongside the original has to be a good thing. Most of the games will work fine for it and if the kiddies/users want the full fat experience they can get the original, or hopefully the new pimped version (which must surely be on the way too).

I liked the way the reveal talked about the Lite joining the Switch family. Hopefully one day that family will include a new base model with a few more bells and whistles for the technically minded among us.



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Not an annoucement

Okay… so that Lord of the Rings game annoucement was weird. Let me break it down and make sure I got it right though. Amazon are making a TV show set in the Second Age that costs $1 billion. Someone else was making a MMO set in the Second Age, so they teamed up with Amazon to co-develop it. But then they changed it so the game has a different setting to the show and theres no connection between the two at all. And instead they change it to the setting of the movies, which already has an MMO anyway. Did I miss anything?

Oh, and they announced the game without saying what its called, when its out, saying anything about it, or showing so much as a bit of concept art. That sounds more like the opposite of an annoucement to me, a non-annoucement.

I know its just companies being companies but I feel the end result of the whole story was simply that everyone involved lost a few brain cells. Also, doesnt the fact that theyve already got a Lord of the Rings MMO and it didnt do that great kind of hint that its not the sort of Lord of the Rings game people want? I wouldve much preferred something in the vein of Skyrim.

GC: It certainly was an odd one.

The next step

How can a Switch Lite be a Switch when it doesnt actually switch any longer? There is no dual functionality. Obviously they couldnt abandon the Switch name, but it contradicts the main selling point of Switch.

I understand the reasoning behind downsizing, but at least having the capability to connect to a docking station/TV (even if not included) should have been an option. It seems like a misstep to me. What next, a more powerful Switch that only plays on a TV?

Bad timing

I think its unfortunate that Shenmue IIIs release date has been put back to November, as if this particular franchise hasnt struggled enough to be noticed in its 20 year history, it now finds itself releasing within the same month as not only one of the most recognised franchises in the world, in Star Wars, but also potentially the biggest entry of one of the most popular video game series in existence: Pokémon.

Not to mention fresh competition from an eagerly anticipated game by Hideo Kojima, his first major title since leaving Konami, and then we have the launch of Google Stadia which will no doubt be arriving at Well-Over Station via the Hype Train, making more noise than The Flying Scotsman with a new lick of paint driven by Dr. Emmett Brown after hes had his greatest epiphany and one too many Red Bulls.

Shenmue I & II may not be the best games ever made, not by any stretch of the imagination, but if Shenmue III fails to make any kind of impact on its release – that some of us believe its legacy deserves – we can all look out of the window and know that the strange weather that day isnt to blame. And as if real life was imitating art, the few of us that remember the snow and remain fond of it will realise, it just wasnt meant to be.
Bad Edit

Spring games rush

As someone that is a great fan of They Are Billions on the PC Id like to highly recommend it to any console gamers that might not be sure its their thing. Its a really original take on the real-time strategy concept and makes the zombie hordes in Days Gone look like a minor get-together.

It also made me realise that we really dont have much of a summer games drought going on this year. Theres interesting stuff coming out every week (even if in this case Ive played it) and Id like to hope thats not a coincidence but companies finally realising that maybe its not a good idea if everything comes out on the same day.

And then I looked at the spring release schedules. Oh well…


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