Quillette editor Andy Ngo described antifa as a “paramilitary-style movement of anarchists and communists agitating for a revolution” in a Wall Street Journal op-ed detailing his assault at the hands of the group.

“The mainstream media describe antifa as antifascist, but in fact it is a far-left paramilitary-style movement of anarchists and communists agitating for a revolution,” Ngo wrote. His description runs counter to that of many of the journalists and major media outlets who covered the attack, which cast antifa as a largely peaceful group with the laudable aim of fighting fascism. The Daily Caller documented the groups history of attacks on journalists here.

Unidentified Rose City Antifa members beat up Andy Ngo, a Portland-based journalist, on June 29, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. (Moriah Ratner/Getty Images)

“I was set upon by a mob, some wearing fiberglass-hardened gloves as well as masks,” Ngo wrote. He had already approached the police twice to report that members of the crowd threw milkshakes in his face, but was told police wouldnt pursue the suspects because they didnt want to “incite” the protesters. “They pummeled me in the face and the back of the head until I let go of my camera, which somebody snatched. I raised my arms in surrender, but the mob took that as a signal to become more aggressive.” (RELATED: Democrats Silent On Antifa Attack, Liberal Journos And Activists Blame The Victim)

Ngos account is backed up by footage and photos posted online before, during and after the attack. He is seen peacefully filming the rally, and passively defending himself as antifa members hit and kick him repeatedly and throw various objects and liquids in his face. He stumbles off and sits down, recounting what happened in a Twitter live stream.

— Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) June 29, 2019

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