Apex Legends Season 2 Twitch Prime Update: Wattson Skin revealed ahead of S2 Start Time (Pic: Respawn/EA)

To celebrate the beginning of its second season of content, Apex Legends Season 2 players can claim some snazzy new swag through Twitch Prime.

For those unaware, Twitch Prime is offered as one of the many benefits of having Amazon Prime – so if you have the latter, be sure to look to see what loot you can earn.

In Season 1 Twitch Prime members could grab themselves the legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin (along with 5 Apex Packs) and with Season 2 about to kick off today, there are even more goodies on the horizon.

It all kicks off tomorrow, 3rd July, with an "exclusive Legend skin and weapon skin" while there will also be more cosmetic gear for Respawn's free-to-play Battle Royale sensation throughout the rest of July and into August.

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At the time of writing it's been confirmed that the games new Legend, Wattson, will get an exclusive new skin named 'Sweet Dreams' as well as a 'Stellar Stallion skin' for the games new Season 2 weapon, the Titanfall L-Star heavy machine gun.

It looks like some of these have leaked early and can be seen below.

The Sweet Dreams skin, obvious is sporting the trademark Twitch Prime Purple colour, but it's also adorned with a big cuddly unicorn.

So if that's your thing, it might be a good time to join Twitch Prime to grab the free loot of your dreams.

Sweet Dreams (skin) is made of this (Pic: Respawn) Related Articles

Just as interestingly, there are promised "gifts" for "multiple EA Sports titles" – so those that play FIFA and the like should definitely check in.

Amazon is making a big push to promote this year's Prime Day which runs from 15th to 16th July.

Full of deals, this year sees a co-headline show from Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift happening just a couple of days before, as well as live streams through Twitch Prime with celebrities like Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry and Sir Mo Farah.

Apex Legends has had a whirlwind first few months. Originally launched seemingly out of nowhere in February, its first-person team-based action caught the hearts of fans everywhere, offering Fortnite a legitimate competitor.

At E3 this year, publisher EA and developers Respawn Entertainment revealed Season Two which begins today. Key additions include a new Legend, a new weapon, and the addition of Ranked Mode for those looking to test their sRead More – Source

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