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Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn – will the sequel be a launch title?

GameCentral readers try to guess what will be the launch titles for the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett, from God Of War 2 to Fable IV.

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Tully, who asked if you were in charge of Sony or Microsoft what game or games would you ensure were available on the new consoles from day one?

Many people wanted to see brand new franchises over anything else, but most agreed that Microsoft would lead with Halo and Fable IV and Sony would probably start with Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

New and old

For the PlayStation 5 I think a new Horizon Zero Dawn game would make a lot of sense, as by the end of 2020 it will have been a few years since it was released and as its loved by a lot of people, it would convince them to pick up a PS5 day one. Plus, it would undoubtedly be a great showcase of the consoles improved power and graphics. I also think Sony need to have their own first person shooter exclusive at launch, with either a new IP or by bringing back the Resistance franchise after the criminally underrated Resistance 3. The first person shooter multiplayer landscape is well catered for, so I would suggest they make it a story-led game.

For Xbox they need to bring in new fans with a new IP or two as people who like Halo, Gears, and Forza will likely have bought an Xbox One and will be shoe-ins to buy the next Xbox too, but they might be willing to wait until its cheaper to play those franchises. Thats why Xbox needs at least one really good new IP to get all gamers on board.
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Multiplayer balance

My answer for this sort of question would always be something brand new. The lack of new IP this generation has been its biggest fallen. Although Sony has certainly been one of the better ones at that so Im hopeful well have at least one or two new faces for the launch of the PlayStation 5.

As much as I prefer single-player games I have to say its probably inevitable well see something multiplayer next gen to balance things out. Im always surprised they never following up MAG, as that was doing 100-player shooters long before battle royale ever came around. Although I see no need to bring the name back as the game was very bland beyond the technical achievement.

Whatever they do I hope its something imaginative and not just a serious military shooter. Ive enjoyed this gen not taking itself quite so seriously, with games like Overwatch and Fortnite, and I hope Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare doesnt drag us back down in the other direction.

Open secret

I dont really know why Microsoft didnt give some hint as to what theyre working on next gen at E3, especially as everyone already knows theyre doing Fable. I dont know if thats going to be a launch title but Halo Infinite obviously is and… Im still not sure Ive really been given a reason to care.

Who knows what else theyre working on although Bleeding Edge and the kinds of companies theyve bought so far suggests its primarily going to still be multiplayer games. There is signs theyre trying to broaden their horizons a bit though as Obsidian are presumably only ever going to do role-playing games and Double Fine usually only dabble in multiplayer at best.

Neither of those are exactly big sellers though so I think in the short term Microsoft are going to go with the familiar Halo and Fable.



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Killer apps

This strikes me as one of those questions thats going to have dozens of really sensible and well thought out answers and then we see what the companies actually do its going to seem like the gamers knew much better than them.

Im sure Im being unfair though as I imagine getting a new game, let alone a bunch of them, ready for a new console on a specific date is really hard. Theres always one or two killer app wannabes though and it is hard to guess what they might be next gen for Sony.

For Microsoft its easy, theyre obviously betting on Halo again, but Sony has got so many options I think its just a case of whats ready first. Id assume thats probably Horizon Zero Dawn, as the first one was a while ago now but it really could be anything. New IP is likely too but I dont know whether theyd feel the need to bring back an old franchise, although Id much prefer Sony Bend has made a new Syphon Filter than the boring Days Gone.

The Sony formula

I can tell you what I dont want to see as a launch title and thats Knack 3. I still cant believe that game was real. It looked like some kind of joke that was going to turn into something else but never did. Hard to believe its by the guy that invented Crash Bandicoot and the PlayStation 4 itself!

It was at least new though and thats something I appreciate. Sony has always been very good at new franchises though and I expect to see more next year. As to what theyll be is hard to predict though. Multiplayer games is the obvious answer but I wouldve said that was obvious at least halfway through this gen and instead they come out with cookie cutter stuff like Days Gone.

That sold really well though, despite lukewarm reviews, so from a logical point of view youd assume therell be more, if not sequels than other games using some variant of the Sony formula. Id also like if they found some way to create an equivalent to Super Smash Bros. Maybe not a direct clone like last time but just something you can throw a whole bunch of completely unconnected into and still make a good game – some kind of Kingdom Hearts style action role-player perhaps.
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PS: Oh, and bring back Ape Escape! There have been a few rumours lately and I hope theyre true.

Same again

As many people are starting to fear I think were going to see a lot of remakes at the start of the next generation, especially from Sony. If they dont have some sort of cross-buy policy going on though I do think it backfire on them because to do it once, this gen, was fine but if theyre going to pad things out with games that only came out aRead More – Source


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