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The morning Inbox is surprised by E3s top 10 most pre-ordered games, as one reader wants Tom Cruise to make a Mission: Impossible video game.

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Trust issues

Interesting to see the questioning of Cyberpunk 2077 now more has been seen of the game and its getting closer to release. Naturally I am a little concerned but I think it comes down to just trusting CD Projek Red. After The Witcher 3, its DLC, and the way they supported it in general it would take a lot for me to put off their new game and I will certainly be giving them the benefit of the doubt, at least till it gets to reviews.

But I kind of feel that goes both ways with most games, especially those we saw at E3. Like, Avengers and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order both had questionable unveils but Fallen Order is by Respawn who I totally trust, especially after GCs preview showing it was a 3D Metroidvania (why on Earth didnt they mention that before?!). But Avengers is by the people who make those so-so modern Tomb Raiders, so while Im not immediately put off it Im not sold either.

Obviously Nintendo are always a sure bet, as are Ubisoft really. Their games might not all be classics but I trust them to include plenty of content and keep supporting them after launch. Bethesda is more of a grey area. I used to get all their stuff but recently Ive learnt to be more wary and check which particularly developer is doing the game, but id Software and MachineGames are definitely trustworthy in my book.

Unique hardware

An interesting quote here from the boss of PlatinumGames, where he says that hes not that excited about the new consoles because theyre basically just a PC in a box, with no custom hardware. I know its been that way for a while now but I kind of agree with him.

I miss the days when consoles were considerably more powerful than a PC, for a couple of years at least, and it was them that were rushing to catch up. That hasnt happened since the N64 era though and instead things go the other way – and its only not more noticeable because so few big budget PC exclusives get made nowadays.

A new console nowadays is just a mid-range PC with a nice controller and while thats fine and all I wish it was more. Nintendo consoles are at least something different, but theyre never very powerful so that doesnt really scratch my itch. I guess it doesnt matter as streaming slowly takes over but I miss the deays when a console was a completely unique piece of hardware.

Money talks

Following the list of most tweeted about E3 subjects I saw this list of the top 10 most pre-ordered games in the wake of the show. Its from GameStop, which is mostly American, and I assume regular pre-orders are in there too because Super Mario Maker 2 and Crash Team Racing were barely mentioned at E3 but its still interesting stuff.

It seems the secret to Call Of Dutys success wasnt battle royale or even online multiplayer, it was shock value story campaigns and gratuitous violence against civilians, just like the good old days. Thankfully the more wholesome Pokémon was second, with the rest more or less as expected. Although I did find it funny that a remake of an old Game Boy game beat EAs latest Star Wars game – I guess that trailer didnt impress after all. Although Gears 5s showing was even worse, in my opinion, so who knows how people are making these decisions.

Gonna be a busy Christmas and new year at this rate and always its going to be the losers that are just as interesting as the winners, as theres clearly not room for everything to be a success.

1. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
2. Pokémon Sword/Shield
3. Final Fantasy VII Remake
4. Cyberpunk 2077
5. Borderlands 3
6. The Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening
7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
8. Gears 5
9. Super Mario Maker 2
10. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled




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Serious fans

Just as another example of the kind of people that get upset at Tifa not having giant-sized breasts I see that the Total War forums are undergoing a similar problem. Previous fans were upset there were female generals in Rome II and now theyre complaining because they were stopped from posting sexy mods on the Total War subreddit. And by sexy I mean versions of the female characters wearing almost no clothing.

Id like to think these people were just horny teenagers, but lets face it theyre probably not. Considering how easy it is to get access to porn these days I just dont understand stuff like this. Although even more confusing is the righteous anger from these people when others point out their being weird and creepy and should take it elsewhere.

Good on the Reddit mods for doing that though. People talk about having games taken seriously nowadays but in my opinion its stuff like this, and the general attitude of some fans, thats keeping it back more than anything else.


Bit of a thought to benefit both.

Why not make the Switch able to do remote play from an Xbox on the same network? Could make owners of either buy the other one.

(Not used for a while) Inbox magic, can you make it happen?

GC: If the Switch works with Project xCloud then itd be essentially the same thing, and thats something Microsoft is rumoured to be trying to convince Nintendo to allow.

Tom Cruise: The Video Game

Great preview of John Wick Hex, GC. A game I never even knew existed until now and never wouldve thought would be made to be honest, based on what it looks like and how it plays. Good on the film companies for not only trying something different though but actively encouraging it. Sounds like the one in question was more proactive about originality than most video game publishers.

There are so many movies and TV shows that would work as video games its been frustrating that theyve been ignored all these years. So hopefully that will change. I see Fox, or whatever theyre called now Disney own them, seem to be making some good moves with Alien and the Predator game they announced, so hopefully others will follow in their footsteps.

Id certainly be up for a Mission: Impossible movie, which seems like it would fit very well as a game. I dont believe Tom Cruise has ever been in a video game before so thatd be a good angle all in itself. Although its funny that all the films that were being talked about are noted for their lack of CGI, and yet here we are talking about turning them into video games…

Realistic reload

I was browsing through that John Wick Hex piece and suddenly my interest really peaked when you said if you reload a half full clip, you lose those bullets. Its always been a little pet peeve of mine that you reload a gun having only used a quarter of the mag, yet still retain the bullets. I think Im sold on that feature alone!

Do any other games have this feature? Ive never come across it in 30 years of gaming.

GC: We feel there must be others, but none come to mind.



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