Enlarge / The limited-edition PS4 Sony has launched for its E3 sale this year.Sony

This weekend marks the unofficial start of E3, the most prominent video game trade event in the United States. Ars will be at the show again, and this year's edition is expected to be somewhat muted compared to years past, what with Sony joining Nintendo in foregoing a formal presence at the event. There should still be plenty of news and new game footage for industry watchers to digest, however.

For those who are just interested in playing games, though, E3 has also become an excuse for game companies to hold sales events. Sony and Microsoft both rolled out big promotions this time last year—and apparently, their efforts went well. On Friday, the two once again kicked off sweeping sets of discounts for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners, respectively.

The deals apply to consoles, controllers, subscription services, and, naturally, lots of games, and are available on the company's own digital stores and at various retailers. Both Sony and Microsoft say their promos will last from June 7 through June 17.

To help those looking for something new to play—or just those with a compulsive need to add to their backlog—weve broken down what's worth considering from each sale below.

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Sony “Days of Play” PlayStation 4 deals

Marvel's Spider-Man.
Enlarge / Marvel's Spider-Man.Sony

There are tons of games on sale as part of Sonys event—far too many for us to list each individually here. But well make note of a few:


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