Destiny 2's Season Of Opulence Is Starting With A Bang (Pic: Bungie)

Another new season of content has kicked off in Destiny 2 for Annual Pass owners, and this might be the most exciting one yet.

The Season Of Opulence arrives with a new Raid available on day one, something Bungie has traditionally added later on.

For the uninitiated, Raids are six-player activities with a high challenge but the best chance at earning the game's coveted loot.

Read on to find out how to unlock the Crown Of Sorrows Raid now that the Season of Opulence has begun. Be warned, there's a lot of steps, but the quest itself isn't too taxing.

Step One

Once you jump into Destiny 2 this week, you'll be immediately transported to the Tower. Here you'll find a new vendor, Benedict 99-40, a robot who will offer you a quest called The Invitation.

Step Two

Don't leave the Tower just yet – you'll need to speak to Ikora to complete step two. Doing so will earn you a Power Surge Package, which will help raise your Power Level to 690.

Step Three

Head to The Watcher's Grave on Nessus and visit the Imperial Barge stationed there. It's big and golden but if you can't spot it, it will appear on your map. All you need to do is interact with the robot on board to earn a Cracked Chalice.

Step Four

Finally, some combat! All you need to do is kill Cabal on Nessus, and you'll earn Chalice Fragments. Since Nessus is this week's Flashpoint, why not use a Public Event to kill two birds with one stone.

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Step Five

The Chalice isn't fixed yet, and now you'll need Vex fluid. This means hitting them with melee attacks, but the catch is you'll need to collect all twenty-five melee kills in a single life. The Orrery Lost Sector is a good place to try, while Vex will spawn regularly in Artifact's Edge at the bottom of the fast-travel point. Happy hunting!

Step Six

Next, head over to the Conflux Lost Sector and open the chest at the end (having killed the boss) to recover "Imperials" – a Cabal currency. The Lost Sector is in the Cistern.

Step Seven

Head into your menu and "Upgrade" the Chalice. The node is called "Unlock Gear Archetype Slot" and will cost you some of your Imperials.

Step Eight

Next up is a bounty, and you'll be pleased to know it won't take long at all. There are three steps – generate orbs of light, earn experience, and complete a challenge. The first two are fairly self-explanatory, and both will likely be completed just through normal play. A "Challenge" is anything that rewards a "Powerful Engram", so any of your weekly milestones. A nice easy one is completing a Strike.

Step Nine

With the Bounty complete, you'll earn an Imperial Treasure Map. Head back to Nessus, and look for an "X" on the map where you'll find a chest containing a Legendary Rune.

The chest can be tricky to find, but you'll essentially want to find the tower in the Well of Flame and climb the outside. Find the entrance and then drop down into an area with a teleportation gate. Ignore the gate, just look for a chest behind a rock to get your rune.

Step Ten

Open your menu, find the Chalice, and insert the Rune. Nice and easy.

Step Eleven

Staying on Nessus, head back to the Barge and speak to the robot there.

Step Twelve

Easily the most exciting part of this questline, head to the Leviathan section of the Director menu and enter "The Menagerie". Clear rooms with your fireteam, finish off the boss and open the chRead More – Source


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