I have two favourite non-playable characters, both from the Mass Effect universe.

First is Mordin Solus, encountered in Mass Effect 2. It had to be him. The Mass Effect trilogy had a lot of great characters but he really stood out from his introduction when you meet him in the clinic and you hear him thinking aloud, trying to work out who you work for. This scene, with his Sherlock Holmes-esque deductions was brilliantly written. He turned out to be quite a complex character, being one of the persons involved with creating the Genophage, which pretty much sterilised the whole Krogan race, then thinking it was a big mistake and trying to rectify his wrongs.

The second is Liara TSoni. When I first met her, I really didnt trust her and thought she would turn out to be a villain. I suspected she was lying about not knowing anything as to her mother, Benezias involvement with the main antagonist Saren Arterius but by the end of the first Mass Effect I was in love!

I have to admit that our relationship didnt always go smoothly. I was a little bit naughty and flirted with Ashley too, so when they both came to me demanding I choose between them I was quite shocked and well put in my place. But I seemingly didnt learn my lesson.

As I voyaged through Mass Effect 2, I didnt think Liara would make an appearance, so started to court Jack, which was hard work as she had a lot of issues. But then Liara came back into my life and I thought everything was lost between us when she had a go at me for ditching her for a psycho (those werent her exact words, but I knew what she meant). I was so worried that I had ruined our relationship for good that I did something that I rarely did back then. I bought a piece of DLC.

I bought the Liar Of The Shadow Broker in the hope Liara and I could spend some quality time together and mend our relationship. As we travelled the galaxy gaining leads Read More – Source


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