Half-Life 2 - there are rumours that Valve may make a new VR Half-Life

Half-Life 2 – will the next game be in VR?

Your latest chance to be disappointed that Valve wont make a new Half-Life game could come as early as this Wednesday, but what if it was true?

Fans have had 12 years to come to terms with the fact that theres probably never going to be a Half-Life 3, but according to sources there is now a 1% chance there might be a VR spin-off instead.

According to website PC Gamer theres a good chance that Valve will reveal the specs of their new VR headset, the Valve Index, this week. Theres also a good chance theyll reveal some VR games at the same time and… a bad chance that one of them will be related to Half-Life.

Valve has previously said theyre working on three full-length VR games, to be released alongside, or perhaps even bundled with, the Index, although theyve never described what they are.

Valve Index - the real reveal is not till next month

Valve Index – is Half-Life VR its killer app?

Valve was apparently planning to start pre-orders on Wednesday, 1 May but although that date may have been pushed back a little it is still expected to be relatively imminent and the obvious time to reveal the games.



PC Gamer references numerous rumours pointing towards one of them being Half-Life related, including a UploadVR rumour that claims one of the games is a Half-Life prequel and a Valve News Network report that a recent Dota 2 update includes references to hlvr, i.e. Half-Life VR.

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In theory some kind of Half-Life spin-off does make sense, especially as Valve already produced a Portal tech demo spin-off for HTC Vive called Read More – Source


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