The country is divided over whether prejudice or political correctness is most prevalent in America, according to a Wednesday Morning Consult report.

Forty-eight percent of Americans say theres too much political correctness in the country today, while 52 percent say theres too much prejudice, according to Morning Consults analysis of a survey polling over 13,000 U.S. adults. The survey was conducted Feb. 6 to March 15 of 13,206 American adults.

Those who responded to the survey saying theres “too much prejudice” in America were three times more likely than those who feel PC culture is a problem to believe sexism, racism and discrimination arent taken seriously enough, according to the Consults analysis.

Over 80 percent of Americans think people are offended too easily; 94 percent of Republicans say people are offended too easily and 70 percent of Democrats agree. More white Americans say others are offended too easily than Hispanic, black or Asian Americans.

Both Democrats and Republicans consider themselves relatively PC with 32 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of Democrats considering themselves “politically correct,” respectively. Seventy-five percent of Republicans and 79 percent of Democrats avoid saying and doing things that could be perceived as insulting to people who are different from them, according to the survey.

White men generally see PC culture and prejudice as less of a problem than their peers, the survey reveals; 47 percent of white men say theres too much political correctness, compared to 29 percent who think theres too much prejudice. (RELATED: Sen. Chuck Schumer: I Think Theres Too Much Political Correctness In This Country)

Americans are split down the middle about whether theres too much political correctness or prejudice on the topics of masculinity, President Donald Trump, Christianity and Islam. Only 54 of Americans feel its acceptable to express their own opinions about Islam, according to the survey.

Thirty percent of Republicans think politicians “should be able to say the values of Islam are un-American,” where -56 percent of Democrats say the same. Thirty-one percent of Democrats think “politicians should be able to say that traditional masculinity has gotten toxic,” where -3 percent of Republicans say so.

Womens March protesters are pictured in downtown Seattle on Jan. 21, 2017. Shutterstock/SeaRick1

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