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We're already almost a third of the way through the final season of Game Of Thrones and so far, so alive, despite much hype about the series going straight for the Westeros jugular and killing off fan favourites right from the start.

Which can only mean… well, it's not going to be good, is it? This is the calm before one almighty storm.

We know this is Game Of Thrones. Valar morghulis, and all that.

Who, or what, is Arya running from?

Death, and plenty of it, is inevitable in the final battle against the Night King and the White Walkers. But of all the gazillion fan theories doing the rounds on social media following the first two episodes of season eight, there is one that is truly chilling.


In the official trailer, we saw Arya Stark running through the crypts of Winterfell, seemingly terrified.

Arya is a trained assassin, lest we forget; a woman with a Kill List, who slit the neck of Walder Frey after serving him his sons baked in a pie, all without breaking sweat. Whatever's down there, you've got to assume it's something truly awful.

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In the second episode, which aired on Monday, there was much talk about the crypts of Winterfell.

When battle commences, the crypts will be safe, said Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and pretty much anyone with screen time.

If you can't fight, the crypts will be safe! Children, stay in the crypts! Settle in the crypts, with a nice book, perhaps, and wait for all the bloodshed and gore and death above ground to be over!

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Except… except, the Night King is all about resurrecting the dead. It's his forte, his raison d'etre, his thing. Remember, he made quick work of acquiring his zombie ice dragon and putting it to use.

And the crypts, being crypts, are full of the dead. Dead Starks, to be precise.

You can see where this is going.

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