I would love to see a Doctor Who game in the episodic genre and ideally made by an ex-studio like Telltale. Or even better it would be a Travellers Tales Lego Doctor Who game, based on any Doctor including the most recent. Travellers Tales have done every other licence including Pirates Of The Caribbean and Lego Incredibles, which are for me not as popular or as long-running as Doctor Who. For me the highlight of Lego Dimensions was the Doctor Who and the level pack which was the best Doctor Who console game, but not as good as Legacy which was released on mobile.

I would also like a company to develop a new James Bond game, as the last one was flawed and the DLC was absolute rubbish. I would like to see a game based on Bond 25, whatever they are calling it. GoldenEye 007 on N64 and Wii were brilliant, as was 007 Blood Stone which was like an interactive movie and had some amazing car chases which were underrated. There were also good EA games such as Nightfire and Everything Or Nothing, which were really good at the time.

A Lego Travellers Tales James Bond could work as well, with a game based on a classic movie or even a brand new story with 007. If not, maybe a company such as Insomniac, as they did a brilliant job on Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. If they could recreate it for 007 it could be the best Bond game ever. Also, a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two version could really benefit this licence.

The highlight so far in this console generation for 007 is the classic cars in Forza Horizon. In fact, the maker of Forza could have a racing game completely based on classic car chases from the movie and feature entirely new car chases in locations not seen in the movies. It would be a lot better than the PlayStation game 007 Racing, which was rubbish, and woulRead More – Source


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