Just a quick one GC, Im very interested in the new Capcom console officially announced yesterday. However, the price can be a little bit off-putting. So what I want to know is are these full-size Sanwa joysticks and buttons the actual ones used in the original arcade cabinets back in the 90s? That were all plastered down the arcades in the seaside resorts, getting and taking all the hammer from everyone who put their money in?

Because if these are the actual joysticks then Im thinking of pre-ordering one due to their durability/strength. Ive googled the name Sanwa online but nothing really comes up with any relevant information, unless you want spare parts for one or buy one.

I remember not that long ago I bought a Classic Mini SNES and after purchasing it and playing Street Fighter II for only a few hours with my lads one of the Nintendo joypads broke, so I had to take it back to GAME for a refund as they had no more left in stock. Its OK having all these replicas and all looking the same in design, etc. but I know for a fact the original SNES joypads back in the 90s, what I used to have, I had no problems at all with them whatsoever! Its not as if we were throwing the Mini SNES joypads against the wall after every game.

Also, the amount of official PlayStation 4 joypads that always seem to go faulty with the left analogue stick with my lads, I personally blame the game Fortnite myself as I think they need to use the left analogue stick to run and because there always on the same game day and night, etc. If these Sanwa joysticks arRead More – Source


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