The next generation PlayStation logo - possibly the PS5

The next generation PlayStation is real (pic: Wired)

Sony has officially announced its next generation console and it sounds like a monster, capable of 8K resolution and ray-tracing.

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The next generation arms race has begun in earnest, as Sony reveals the first details of their new console via an exclusive interview with Wired.

As many expected, the console will not be released this year. But if not that only really leaves 2020, as theres no way any company would talk about a console now that was any further out.

The interview with system architect Mark Cerny didnt confirm the new console was called the PlayStation 5, although theres no indication that its not.

What Cerny did confirm though is that the console will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games, a feature essentially forced upon Sony by its popularity on the Xbox One.



The PlayStation VR headset will also be supported and the next-gen console, whatever its called, will still use physical media – presumably Blu-rays. Although Cerny also hinted about plans for streaming/cloud-gaming as well.

The PlayStation 4 squares up to the new Xbox

What will the PlayStation 5 look like? (Hint: probably a black plastic box)

Although a lot of the details were only implied, Cerny was quite specific about some of the tech specs, revealing that the console would render up to 8K resolution, use ray-tracing (the current next big thing in PC graphics), and have 3D audio.

The new console uses an 8-core AMD Ryzen, part of AMDs Navi line, and a customised version of Radeons recent 7nm AMD Zen 2.

Also confirmed is a solid-state drive (SSD) with higher bandwidth thaRead More – Source


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