I have been lucky enough to own Playstation VR since its launch way back when and as a massive fan I couldnt resist writing in for the Hot Topic on VR.

In those early days there were numerous demos, VR films, experiments, and small add-ons to existing games which, despite being short in length, were free and gave an excellent insight into VRs potential.

The first full game I experienced was Resident Evil 7 and was completely blown away, the increased immersion raising the fear to almost an unbearable level. To me this is without question THE game of this generation.

After such an amazing launch PSVRs first year was a little disappointing, a few highlights – the Star Wars: Battlefront add-on, Arizona Sunshine, Eagle Flight, Rez Infinite, Resident Evil 7 DLC, and a few others – but it did feel a little slow.

Then things started to pick up: Skyrim, Doom, Farpoint (the Aim Controller surprisingly adding even more to the experience) Polybius, Star Trek, the WipEout update, a steady stream of indies and more experimental titles, and VR apps including the World Cup. The second half of 2018 and early 2019 the format really hit its stride with Moss, Astro Bot, Firewall, and Borderlands 2.

The back catalogue now contains a number of VR builds of existing games, but more importantly a large number of games that use VR to create experiences that are simply not possible on a flat screen.

So here we are, into its third year and things dont look to be slowing down. Every week sees two or three titles land on the PS Store and a number of big titles on the horizon: Wolfenstein: CyberPilot, Borderlands DLC, No Mans Sky, Blood & Truth, and Iron Man. No doubt some of the incoming releases will be a load of tosh, but thats no different to any other format.

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