The sequel to Naughty Dog's magnum-opus has been in a state of radio-silence since the first gameplay scenes were shown at Sony's E3 conference in 2018.

Focusing on an older Ellie, this time playable, the footage shown was an unflinching look at survival in a world overrun by the Cordyceps virus introduced in the first title.

With Sony skipping E3 entirely this year, the potential release date for The Last Of Us Part 2 is entirely up in the air.

Thanks to an Instagram post from Neil Druckmann, the game's director, we now have at least some kind of update on the progress of the project.

The update was posted on Friday, and clearly shows that Laura Bailey's character has now finished performance capture for the project.

Laura Bailey is a famed performer in the videogame and animation space, appearing as Mary Jane in last year's PlayStation 4 Spiderman title as well as Nadine Ross in both Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – both developed by Naughty Dog.

Her character has only been shown in a trailer at 2017's Paris Games Week presentation so far, a trailer that was incredibly detailed and impressively brutal. Little is known about her character, but it has been suggested that the scene in this trailer is a flashback and Bailey's character is playing lead character Ellie's mother.

Druckmann has been very busy on social media this week, revealing on his Twitter account that Travis Willingham (Laura Bailey's husband who is also a highly regarded performer) has also been working on performance capture for the game alongside a surprising name – rapper and producer Logic.

The game seems to be becoming a who's who of sorts for voice and performance artists, with lead duo Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker returning as Ellie and Joel respectively.

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