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Attorney Michael Avenatti thanked his Twitter followers Sunday night for sticking by his side and believing in “due process and the concept of innocence until proven otherwise.”

“A big thank you to all of the people that have wished me well, offered kind words or support, or even just kept an open mind because they believe in due process and the concept of innocence until proven otherwise,” Avenatti tweeted.

He is facing a potential prison sentence following an indictment that charged him with stealing millions of dollars from his clients.

Michael Avenatti thanks his fans for their support (Screencap of tweet)

Avenatti, the former lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, allegedly stole millions from one client to purchase a private jet, according to the indictment. Federal authorities seized the jet. He also allegedly scammed another client, a paraplegic man, out of a $4 million settlement without the clients knowledge, according to the indictment.

Some Democratic lawmakers said Avenatti torpedoed their attempts to derail the confirmation of then-nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in October 2018. He entered the Kavanaugh foray as an attorney for Julie Swetnick, a woman who claimed that Kavanaugh was present at house parties in the early 1980s where girls were allegedly gang-raped. (RELATED: Democrats Say Michael Avenatti Hindered Fight Against Kavanaugh)

Avenatti pushed Swetnicks case but ultimately failed to produce the witnesses he said would come forward to support his clients account. He also mounted a tepid defense against questions raised about Swetnicks credibility. Swetnicks ex-boyfriend obtained a restraining order against her in 2001, media reports show. She was also Read More – Source


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