No, Im not late to the party, however after a great weekend Hot Topic regarding VR gaming I would just like to put my twopennorth into the subject. You see, it was only this time last year I mentioned about the Oculus Go right here on GC it was probably ground-breaking for it was the only headset that didnt need to have any wires or PC/laptop connectivity to work it. All working independently on its own.

OK, so it was very limited and it didnt have the 6DoF capabilities (six degrees of freedom) were you can move forward or backwards and pick things up, etc. Yet for just under £200 for the basic model you couldnt really complain. Now fast forward a year to 2019 and this very spring Oculus have done it again with a brand new all-in-one VR headset with no wire constraints called the Oculus Quest, but this time it does include the full capability of 6DoF and a pair of handheld controllers to boot!

Yes, the Quest is twice the price of the Oculus Go, with a RRP of £399, and looking at the recent reviews this new headset is receiving it all sounds very good so far graphically and sensor-wise. However, what really concerns me personally is the battery life of the thing. Yes, the Oculus Go would maybe give you a couple of hours of usage after a full charge, before you need to plug it back in to use it again, but dont forget the Go is only a basic standalone VR headset with no 6DoF features.

So Im worried about this new Oculus Quest having the 6DoF features and yet every review I have seen lately most of the reviewers are still asking the question of how long does the battery last before needing to be recharged? Surely having a standalone VR headset is only as good as its battery life as you dont want to be spending more time charging it than actually playing?

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