I have to commend Nintendo for how theyve handled the Switch. They were up against it when the Wii U was out and many people thought there would be a knee jerk reaction with a quick fire next gen console out as soon as possible. They didnt.

Then they got the whole the Switch is what the Wii U should have been opinions from gamers that had never played the console. Fast forward to today and the Switch seems to have pulled more rabbits out of the hat in which it can be utilised than any other console I can remember in history.

I must admit when I first saw that camera on the right Joy-Con I thought to myself, This is going to go the same way as the 3DS augmented reality. As in you wont see it used ever again, but oh boy how I was wrong.

I had a go of the VR over the weekend and I was surprised how good it works, although Im still pretty adamant this is not the answer to everyones gaming prayers (especially local multiplayer).
Which did make me ask a few questions.

If Nintendo are serious about VR games then they seem to have put themselves somewhat between a rock and a hard place. By that I mean they have a cardboard accessory with no head strap (I understand for age rating purposes). What is to stop a third party bringing out a robust one that clings to your head?

Lets assume Nintendo beat them to the punch and bring out their own, it would still make the Labo kit seem less desirable once the flurry of games start coming out for it. Maybe thats why it is sold
separately as a cheaper package?

Also, I understand Nintendo were running Resident Evil 7 on the Japanese Switch a while back, streaming it I think? Im sure youll put me right GC if Im wrong. Could it possibly be that they are
looking at the VR version?

Anyway, from that first Switch reveal trailer a few years ago I never thought I would be playing pianos, moving reRead More – Source


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