Alien Vs. Predator - is Capcom planning their own mini-console?

Alien Vs. Predator – is Capcom planning their own mini-console?

Something arcade-related is going to be revealed tomorrow by Capcom and it looks like it includes beat em-up classic Alien Vs. Predator.

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Capcom has started teasing a mysterious annoucement for tomorrow, that seems to be related to their old arcade classics of the early 90s.

The teaser trailer below appears to show clips of Street Fighter II, Darkstalkers, Giga Wing, and the obscure Progear. Theres also what is clearly Alien Vs. Predator – to the point where the teaser video includes copyright information from 20th Century Fox.

Alien Vs. Predator is widely regarded as one of the best scrolling beat em-ups ever made but due to licensing reasons has never been released on home formats before.

A new challenger appears.

Tune in for a special announcement tomorrow.

— Capcom UK (@Capcom_UK) April 15, 2019



The logical assumption is that Capcom is about to release a new arcade compilation, although that doesnt seem like the sort of thing youd normally have an annoucement of an annoucement for.

And according to Nintendo Life thats because its not actually a standard release at all but a standalone console similar to the Classic Mini Nintendo devices.

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