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What would you call the next one?

The morning Inbox has some more suggestions for what to do in God Of War 2, as one reader suggests BioWare make smaller games.

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Another Xbox

With all this talk of peoples online names at the moment the question came to mind of what Microsoft is going to call its next Xbox. Sony are obviously just going to go with PlayStation 5, they haven nothing to worry about, but Microsofts random name conventions have put them in a bit of a dead end.

They cant call it Xbox Two because thatd be ridiculous and they cant call it Xbox 4 because itd seem weird and one step behind Sony. So theyre going to have to think up something weird again. NeXtbox or Xbox Next gets suggested a lot, and was last time they have a new console and while itd be fine it just opens up the question of what theyll do next time.

It cant be Xbox Stream because theyve promised to release an actual console too, but Im sure theyll want to emphasise that you can play it on many devices and its mall about being a service. So maybe Xbox Prime or Xbox Everywhere? I dunno, Im not a marketing man (thankfully) but just for once it would be nice if an Xbox console had a cool name and one that made sense.

One little mistake

Is it just me or does the honeymoon period for Apex Legends already seem to be over? Ever since the rubbish battle pass came out everyone seems to be down on it and just gone back to Fortnite. Im sure its still very successful on its own terms but it kind of shows how one little mistake can really put the spanner in these games as a service games.

It also underlines what a good job Epic Games does in constantly updating Fortnite. Apex Legends hasnt really changed much since launch but Fortnite is still knocking new stuff out week in and week out. I dont even particularly like the game but Ive got to admire the work Epic put in.

Will be very interesting to see how EA reposition themselves after the terrible couple of years theyve had. Apex Legends has been their best news in that time but if its still got problems it will be the measure of them on how they respond to it. Knowing them itll involves shutting down Respawn or something…

Impulse purchase

I think I might be tempted into getting the Nintendo Labo VR Starter Set, whod thought one day wed be getting a VR headset that was cheaper than a game! I realise its not state of the art but it all the write-ups seem nothing but positive and if Nintendo are going to use it in a lot of their future games, even as novelty, I think thats good enough for me.

One day high-tech VR kits will be the same price and thats when itll become mass market but I assume given theyre upwards of £250 right now that thats not going to be for two or three generations yet. (If we even have generations after this next one.)

Its exciting stuff though and having played a bit of my mates Oculus Rift Im more than happy to see developers practice and experiment while its only the hardcore that own the hardware. I just hope that Nintendo lets indies use the Labo VR set as well as thatd be a great way to see some real creativity.



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Think smaller

It seems to me that BioWare, and probably a lot of other studios that havent had a hit in a while, need to get something done quick to reclaim their reputation. I had to agree with the reader who said they seemed to just waste all their time, time that an indie developer probably couldve put two or three games out in.

This idea that all big companies have to put out equally big games all the time is I think a shame. Mass Effect: Andromeda was one of those and yet one of the main things it was caught up on was its terrible facial animation. If it had just normal, non-experimental graphics it probably wouldve been half the price, twice the length, and, hopefully, twice as good.

Why not make a new Dragon Age or Mass Effect thats just 12 hours long or so and has less characters than usual? Make it digital only so people cant pretend theyre being conned and put the effort into making it good not epic. A bad game is bad no matter its size or budget but the opposite is true of a good one.

Game of names

I dont have a PlayStation but I use FatysHenrys as my ID for Switch, Reddit, and GC.

This came about as I was in a band called Fat Henry for 10 years and I love the made-up language of Valyrian in Game Of Thrones. FatysHenrys would be my old band name in that language.

I first used it when joining Reddit and engaging with the brilliant Super Mario Maker community there. Its the only username Ive ever made up and been happy with for more than a few seconds, so I think Ill stick with it!

People problems

For me the most important thing for God Of War is that it have lots more ordinary people. I assume that was a technical limitation in the first game but there was literally nobody in the game other than gods and magic beings. If the PlayStation 5 can allow for hordes of people just wandering around, like Days Gone, then that will be an impressive step forward that Id definitely be interested in.

It would also be an interesting way to see just how good Kratos is. He talked about helping people in the last game but there was hardly anyone to help so how will he be when theres hundreds of mortals wandering around asking him for help?

He has a super short temper so someones bound to push him to do something bad sooner or later. I look forward to the game. They did such a good job with the last one I cant wait to see what they cook up now that theyve got the confidence and, I imagine, and even bigger budget.

Its their way

Am I misunderstanding this? If you buy the Labo VR Starter Set (£34.99) plus two expansions (£16.99 each) do you then have everything that would have come with the full pack (which is £69.99)?

Because if thats the case its (very slightly) cheaper to buy them all separately, which kind of removes the incentive to dive straight in and get the full set.

GC: No, that seems to be how it is. Wed say it makes no sense, but it is Nintendo.



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