Nintendo Direct April DELAY: Smash Bros and Persona 5 Switch games news pushed back? (Pic: DS)

We can hear you, chomping at the bit for more Nintendo news. Insatiable. Endless. Hungry. Latching onto any rumour and willing it to become truth – waiting for that mythical confirmation tweet from Nintendo that says "yes, it's coming soon."

Well, sorry to disappoint you but it looks like you're still in for a wait.

Last week we brought you news – via the reputable sources of GamingINTEL – that we could see a new Nintendo Direct at some point this April (probably today, 11th April).

Last week, GamingIntel noted:

"A source which I have been in communication with for a while now has told me there is a Nintendo Direct planned for April. I cant go into detail right now but this source has been correct on previous Nintendo Direct announcements and dates. Ill be in touch nearer the time to give you some further details."

Sadly, it's the day today, and there's been no update – but that doesn't mean there won't be a Direct this month…


We believe – thanks to news about a Persona 5 S announcement later in the month – a Nintendo Direct could take place on April 25th.

Why do we think this? Well, a website for Persona 5 S has gone live this month, promising more information on 25th April, 2019. This news will likely be the announcement that the most recent Persona game will be coming to Switch… and what better time to announce that than during a Direct?

It's a shame that GamingIntel's scoop on this issue has been slightly off-kilter – they're usually pretty on the ball with Direct predictions – they've accurately noted the following:

So we believe them when they say they had a scoop of some kind – maybe they just predicted something earlier than they should have.

(Pic: DS)

There's another great reason to have a Nintendo Direct this month – and that would be to say farewell, to Reggie Fils-Aime, outgoing CEO of NinteRead More – Source


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