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Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 – will it explore the world beyond America?

The evening Inbox thinks FromSoftware should be exempt from needing an easy mode, as one reader discovers the first Death Stranding toy.

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A world of possibilities

The thought of Watch Dogs 3 being in London is fine but it really does hammer home how few games, especially open world games, are ever set anywhere other than America or fantasy environments. Not even Japan gets a look in, let alone Europe, Africa, Australia, or South America. Forza Horizon is probably the closest weve had to a truly global franchise, which is sad, and the only GTA clone I can think of thats set in a real non-American city is Sleeping Dogs.

Even London seems like a safe choice, seeing as its the one other city in the world thats most like America. Theres no point asking why this always happens because we all know Americas the biggest games market in the world but I hope that changes someday so that we start to get games, and developers, that arent from just the same three or four cities.

As for Watch Dogs 3 itself… I heard the second one was better but the first one was so boring Id need a lot of convincing to try another. A lot more than just setting it in London too.

Pretend politics

Id be happy with Watch Dogs 3 being set in London, as I imagine most Brits would, but it does amuse me how Ubisoft keep choosing locations and concepts that are highly politically charged and then doing absolutely nothing with them.

As I think GC said in one of their reviews, you dont have to have politics in a game, nobodys making you, but if you pretend to, advertise as if you do, and then have nothing then thats going to upset people. Or at least make you look weak and cowardly.

I dont know why they do it, as I cant imagine pretend is an obvious seller, but all theyre doing is repeatedly inventing unnecessary problems for themselves. And if you see a political analogy in that statement I can only say it was entirely unintentional!

Exception to the rule

I am very sympathetic to the idea that all games should have an easy mode. Or at least most games. The FromSoftware games are clearly a very specific exception, where the whole point of the experience is lost if you decrease the difficulty. Play Ninja Gaiden, or whatever, on easy and you can have a fun time and get the gist of it. But Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice where enemies are easily defeated? It would completely miss the point.

The point of most games is not to be difficult but with FromGames it is and if you remove that from it then youre really not getting the same experience. Its like saying you want a cocktail and then taking all the booze out of it. Youll still get something thats edible but you wont understand at all what the original point of it was by taking out the most important thing about it.

Thats my view anyway. And seeing as From only make one game ever two years or so I dont think that exception is going to hurt too many people.



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Infinite check book

I was reading a story about how Microsoft is spending $500 million on making Halo Infinite, making it the most expensive video game ever. I can easily believe it as they have a lot riding on that game and the success of the Xbox Two, as its blatantly going to be a launch game/killer app.

With that amount of money I also assume its going to be games as a service too. Add in the already rumoured open world and it could be basically a sci-fi GTA Online. That sounds pretty good to me and the sort of thing Id probably do with the Halo franchise if I was a Microsoft exec with an infinite check book.

Now theyve just got to make sure it actually works, which was the biggest problem with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

GC: The rumour is not true. Were sure Microsoft is putting a lot of money into the game but the source on the story is not reliable.

Nightmare job

The more I hear about working conditions in the games industry the more Im glad I never ended up working in it. It was always a vague dream of mine at university but I got more into the hardware side of things and never ended up there. Now, every job has its ups and downs, obviously, but the stories coming out of BioWare at the moment, that seem to be identical to those from Rockstar when Red Dead Redemption II came out are pretty horrifying.

People having mental breakdowns and leaving their job because theyre being made to work ridiculous hours and basically give up their private life for the best part of a year. Its horrific, and then all you get out of the end of it is a turkey like Mass Effect: Andromeda or Anthem.

I have a lot of sympathy with the idea of video game prices increasing, especially if it can help this sort of thing. Although I suspect the idea of paying for individual games will slowly disappear over the course of the next generation and itll be subscriptions and things like Games Pass.

Button memory

Hello! I have another Zelda: Breath Of The Wild problem. Yes, me. Again. This time it most definitely is me. But I wonder if others have had it as it may make me feel a little better.

I have been playing it now, off and on, for Id say a good 20 hours now. Yet Im still struggling with the combat controls. I am always mistaking X for Y, Y for X, and even B for A. This means Im not dodging with anywhere near reliable frequency. Ive just never felt that the attack and dodge buttons were in the right place on the Joy-Con controller and always feel discombobulated by the layout.

But I dont know why this should be – is it that the dodge button is always the lower button? Well, usually? Or that the buttons are quite small? No, really – this is giving me serious trouble and Im not sure I will ever get used to the control scheme. Should I get one of those larger Pro Controllers for the Switch? It would be a fairly expensive solution…

GC: Its probably because the X and Y and B and A buttons had their positions switched on the Xbox controllers and youre more used to that.

Perfect start

Im sorry this is late, also not sure it counts as its an intro not a cut scene? But the opening to Soul Reaver is my favourite, even better than the heart-wrenching Final Fantasy VII Aerith scene.

The intro to Soul Reaver sets up a great story of revenge and betrayal, with an absolute stellar voice cast on top. It looked great in the day, and if there is any Inbox magic left in the slew of all the remakes we are getting right now then Legacy Of Kain has to be in there!



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Its got soul but its not a Soulsborne

Having spent quite a bit more time exploring Ashina Ive come to see Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice totally is a Soulsborne game and scratches many of the itches for fans of those games. The combat and levelling might be, not insignificantly, different but it still has an interconnected, beguiling world that the Soulsborne games have, that is full of mystery and rich for exploration.

I still think its no less difficult than the Soulsborne games but I doRead More – Source


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