PS4 VR NEWS: PlayStation's new Virtual Reality controller, Dreams VR support and Gearbox (Pic: Sony)

Media Molecule has confirmed that its long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive, Dreams, finally has a launch date. The LittleBigPlanet studio will be offering early access to Dreams starting on April 16th with this version of the game priced at £24.99.

Its the first Sony-published game to have any sort of early access but, as you can probably guess, it wont be launching will a full feature set, including PlayStation VR support.

Studio Director Siobhan Reddy said the following in a recent FAQ:

“Dreams VR is not included in the initial Early Access offering. Its still planned for Dreams and were super excited for it. Well be sure to share more details about it as soon as were ready.”

During previous Dreams demos weve seen the game using the PlayStation Move controllers to sculpt 3D objects. Its not hard to imagine how VR could be used to aid this process though whether Sonys virtual reality tech will be leveraged for actual gameplay purposes is unknown.

Much like the recent Creator Beta, this early access version is centred on the core Dreams creation tools and will allowing players to start building, sharing, and playing, with plenty of scope for collaborations.

At a later date, Media Molecule will be adding the playable levels the team has been working on in-house, no doubt updating Dreams with more tools as the game continues to grow.

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Gearbox Software has a lot on its plate at the moment. Having just launched its Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition remaster, the studio is also bringing Bulletstorm to the Nintendo Switch. Oh, and theres Borderlands 3 of course.

So, it may surprise you to hear that Gearbox has another project in the works, a VR-focused game titled “Penn & Teller: Unfair, Unkind, Unnecessary & Underhanded”. The famous duo are best known for their world-class tricks as well as their ongoing TV show, Fool Us. Its basically The X-Factor for magicians.

With Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford frequently dabbling in magic tricks himself, this announcement may not come as so much of a shock. This Penn & Teller video game will no doubt be a passion project.

For now, we know very little about the game aside from which platforms it will be available on. Gearbox is targeting a Oculus, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR release with no release date given.

(Pic: Sony)

To cap off this weeks round-up, theres a new PlayStation VR peripheral launching in June that is looking to revolutionise the we move around in-game while playing in virtual reality.

The “3dRudder” is a PlayStation-licensed device that lets you use your feet Read More – Source


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