By Rebecca Taylor, news reporter

Avicii's family is to release his third album posthumously after one of his closest collaborators helped complete his nearly finished songs.

The Swedish DJ, whose real name was Tim Bergling, was working on pieces before his death in Muscat, Oman, in 2018.

Instead of turning to big-name artists, Avicii's family enlisted the help of people he previously worked with to complete the album. Collaborators used notes, emails and texts about the music to complete the work.

Image: Avicii performed at festivals around the world after his international breakthrough with Levels in 2011

Money from sales will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which was set up by his family to support people and organisations in the field of mental illness and suicide prevention.

The album, called TIM, will be released on 6 June.


Avicii was named best electronic dance music artist at the American Music Awards in 2013
Image: Avicii was named best electronic dance music artist at the American Music Awards in 2013

A statement from Avicii's family said: "When Tim Bergling passed away on 20 April 2018, he was close to completing a new album. He left behind a collection of nearly finished songs, along with notes, email conversations and text messages about the music.

"The songwriters that Tim was collaborating with on this album have continued the process to get as close to his vision as possible.

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"Since Tim's passing, the family decided not to keep the music locked away – instead they wanted to share it with his fans all around the world.

"The single SOS will be released on 10 April and the album, titled TIM, on 6 June. Avicii's net proceeds from the album will go to the non-profit Read More – Source


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