Borderlands 3 - confirmed at last!

Borderlands 3 – out in just five months?

A now deleted tweet from Gearbox seems to have given away that Borderlands 3 is out a lot sooner than fans might have expected.

It might have been an unfunny (arent they all?) Aprils Fool gag or a simple mistake, but it looks very much like Borderlands is going to be out this September.

The official Borderlands Twitter account originally had an innocuous-looking tweet, archived here, about pre-ordering Borderlands 3 to get a Gold Weapon Skins Pack.

The only problem was it also casually mentioned a 13 September release date, as if that was already known. Which it isnt, as so far nobody has said anything about a date or even a year.

Last weeks Borderlands 3 reveal didnt really say anything, in fact, other than that the game exists and that you should wait until Wednesday, 3 April for more information.

If the game really is out this September then Wednesday is almost certain to include confirmation of the release date (and the ability to pre-order the game, which curiously you cant yet in the UK).



Another deleted tweet that almost certainly wasnt an Aprils Fool included a new teaser trailer with a little logo indicating the games coming to Epic Games store for PC.

Theres no indication of whether its an exclusive, but if it is then you can expect a whole new wave of controversy over Epic using its money to keep major games off Steam.Read More – Source


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