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The pro-Trump float known as the “Trump Unity Bridge” is traveling from coast to coast across the United States to promote President Donald Trump and his agenda.

The owner of the float, Rob Cortis, is on what hes calling the “Build The Wall Tour.”

Cortis isnt associated with the campaign in any way, hes just a Detroit, Michigan resident who is inspired by the presidents “America First” policies. (RELATED: Anti-Trump Activists Desecrate Lady Liberty, American Flag)

His first stop for the tour was one of the most liberal cities in America — Washington, D.C. — where presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won 90% of the vote in 2016.

So as you can imagine, some leftists were very triggered by the float, but Cortis also received a lot of love and support while driving around the busy streets for the day.

“Its about sharing positive messages and positivity to make America a better place,” said Cortis.

Cortis stopped by The Daily Caller to pick us up and take us for a spin. It was quite exhilarating.


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