Fortnite Update 8.21 Patch Notes: Explosive Bow, Respawn Van, Server Downtime Latest News (Pic: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World players had a pretty hefty update last week, with new skins and much more revealed by the datamine of the files.

But as with every week, we've got a new update coming soon and whilst it's unlikely to be anything that substantial, we should see some content update changes to the game.

Update v8.21 hasn't been confirmed just yet, but should likely be dropping next.

As DotEsports has noted though, there's a lot of pressure from fans and streamers to see Epic Games revert their recent decision to remove the 'Siphon mechanic', described as a technique "which allowed players to gain 50 health or shield upon eliminating an opponent".

It was, however, rolled back in last weeks v8.20 update. So fingers crossed they address this.

However, on top of everything official, we can also speculate about a few more future features, which you'll find further down.

We say speculate, but some of the upcoming changes have already been revealed or heavily teased. So we have a solid idea of what Epic could change in the game already.

First things first, this new update is likely coming Tuesday morning at around 9am GMT , or potentially Wednesday.

Typically Epic will roll out a new update every Tuesday, but last week and a few other weeks recently they've had to push it back slightly. So, there's still the potential of a possible delay.

Official patch notes for the new update should also be dropping at roughly the same time, or possibly 20 minutes beforehand.

Given that this could be a less significant update to the game, it's unlikely server downtime will be required.

But then again, you never know with Fortnite.

Keep reading for a look at some of the upcoming changes we're expecting to see in the 8.21 Update.

New Weapons – Explosive Bow

The one thing that usually changes with each update, without fail, is weapons.

They're either added, nerfed, buffed or vaulted altogether.

It's pretty much confirmed at this point that one big new weapon being added, although further details about it are still scarce.

Epic Games updated the in-game news feed earlier today to tease the release of an upcoming weapon for Fortnite Battle Royale, The Explosive Bow.

The description of the weapon reads:

Archery can be a blast!

We would anticipate that this will be released with the new v8.21 Content Update.

Respawn Van

Before the launch of Season 8, an AMA with the team hinted that they were working on a Respawn mechanic for squad games.

And now it seems as though it's coming to the game shortly via some funky looking vans dotted across the map.

Leaked files indicate these are indeed tied to a new respawn mechanic, and the van in the files is known as a 'second chance machine'.

Ben Walker of, writes:

"It seems that players will drop a card upon death and teammates can take it to a Respawn Van to bring them back to life. The feature is similar to that of the Respawn Beacon mechanic in rival title Apex Legends, however, it is unknown if it was inspired or copied from them."

And we could be edging closer to a release after fans spotted a semi-functional respawn van during the weekend's Fortnite Luxe Cup.

"The glitch in the stream's spectator mode showed a working Respawn Van," writes "While the player in-game didn't see it, viewers at home were treated to a good view and even an inRead More – Source

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