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A San Diego hospital faces a lawsuit re-filed earlier in March from 81 women who claim they were filmed during gynecological procedures without their consent.

Between July 17, 2012, and June 30, 2013, about 1,800 women were allegedly filmed in secret while undergoing procedures at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, BuzzFeed News reported Sunday. (RELATED: Women Filing Lawsuit Against USC Over Former Gynecologists Alleged Sexual Abuse)

Laptop cameras on anesthesia carts recorded a number of procedures, from births and c-sections to miscarriages, as well as women undressing and being worked on while they were unconscious, according to the complaint.

(Photo of a couple at the gynocologist. Shutterstock, Kichigin)

Sharp Grossmont spokesman John Cihomsky said the cameras were in place to monitor a drug theft problem at the hospital, BuzzFeed reported, but could not comment further because of pending litigation. Some of these laptops were not password-protected and no record was kept of who accessed the computers and videos, according to the complaint.

Allison Goddard, the attorney representing the 81 women, told BuzzFeed the hospitals actions were “a shocking breach of patient privacy.”

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