Mary Margaret Olohan | Reporter

A sexual violence prevention group, Raliance, announced Monday that they were honoring Kavanaugh-accuser Christine Blasey Ford as their 2019 Person of the Year.

Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the fall of 2018 and accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of having sexually assaulted her. She ultimately did not provide enough information to indict Kavanaugh, but was subsequently hailed as a hero by many sexual assault advocacies and #METOO proponents. Since then, Ford has faced a large amount of death threats and has had to change homes for fears of her safety. (RELATED: Senate Judiciary Committee Finds No Evidence To Support Sex Assault Allegations Against Kavanaugh)

Raliance attempts to stop sexual violence through research, policy and supportive programs. They advertise themselves as “a national partnership dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation.”

In a statement, Raliance said that they chose Ford as their Person of the Year because she is a “passionate and public champion for survivors of sexual assault.”

“Her testimony in the confirmation hearings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh had a global impact on how we respond to and support survivors of sexual assault. Dr. Fords sacrifice in sharing her experience, and the difficulties she subsequently endured, brought much needed attention to the importance of supporting and believing survivors.” (RELATED: Christine Blasey Ford Thanks Supporters, Hopes Her Familys Lives Will Return To Normal)

Raliance is also honoring Democratic Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore with their Policy Maker Award, in honor of her “tireless advocate for womens rights and civil rights issues, including sexual assault, Read More – Source


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