I have mentioned some of my favourite Achievements and Trophies over time but one which stood out as being the most difficult was not just about being good with quick reflexes or anything dexterous! This was more about keeping full concentration, to be able to keep sane over a long period of real time and to have fully planned out what you have to do in order to accomplish the Achievement.

The Xbox 360s Dead Risings Seven Day Survivor Achievement was to me more of real survival moment! Trying to eat and manage bathroom requirements was real survival on top of the virtual one. I died about two days in from starvation and another time five days in from misjudged zombie dodging. The 14 hours of real-time needed for this achievement equalled around 28 hours of monitoring Frank with his ever-decreasing energy, food supplies, and the need to be finding the best safe places and weaponry.

Every game day equals two hours of real-world time so, as you can see, getting killed or dying from lack of food equals to a lot of wasted time. I took most of the weekend trying to get this, and when I eventually did I got Arthurs boxer shorts for a bonus award. I remember being (myself, not Frank) drained and hungry and my eyes needing to be shut as a lack of sleep was part of the experience.

When I mentioned planning this whole venture out – I mean it. I researched the best food place locations and how to take out the main human psychos, as more supplies are gained then. And also places were I can leave Frank in a safe enough area, like an out-of-reach roof or behind a shop counter after clearing the undead out of the shop or store. Once I knew Frank was safe and food, energy, and protection was good then it was time for myself to do the bathroom requirements and grab food for myself.

It required patience and dedication and a will to survive, plus knowing how to make food last and combine food to give you the most eRead More


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