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(Epic Games)

This weeks Fortnite update sees the game get even more of a festive makeover with the introduction of 14 days of Fortnite.

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The event will see the return of old LTMs as well as new ones being introduced with large team modes changing every two days and small team modes rotating every 24 hours.

New challenges will be added to the game each day during the event with the ability to earn free rewards throughout.

Snowball launchers and a Christmas-themed bush will also be available in the game as players also see the return of the festive Battle Bus.

Players will also be able to buy various holiday-themed outfits and items that will be appearing in the Item Shop throughout the Christmas period.

(Epic Games)

The newest patch also sees various changes to the heavy assault rifle which now has reduced effectiveness when aiming down sights.



It also has increased accuracy while standing still but reduced vertical recoil and base accuracy.

The balloon controls have also been improved further with players now able to release them by pressing crouch instead of jump.

Glider redeploy has also been decreased from 1000 units to 576 units, but only for game modes that it is already available in.

Ground vehicles now also slide on icy surfaces, plus stormwings now take 50% more damage when they hit objects and players take 50 damage if they are in a stormwing when it is shot down.

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