Fortnite 7.10 LEAKED Skins: NEW Season 7 Shop items TODAY? New Winter & Christmas skins? (Pic: Daily Star)

Fortnite update 7.10 coming later this morning, as confirmed by the official Fortnite Twitter account earlier this morning following a lot of back and forth about whether Epic Games were able to release the update.

It's also been confirmed that there will be Fortnite downtime, so we should see servers go offline and matchmaking temporarily disabled around 10am GMT, as Epic Games sets to work releasing the latest update for PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile players.

Official patch notes will arrive just before the game goes offline and we suspect that with this update we could see a whole boatload of new skins revealed by dataminers.

We normally see skins leaked with every update, but given that we've not had a sizeable update since the launch of Season 7, this upcoming update could contain clues to several new skins coming to the item shop in the days ahead.

And unlike most weeks, we already have some leaked info which hints at some potential new Season 7 skins which could be unveiled tomorrow.

Usually, we would see skins leaked by users following the release of the games update – from the likes of several prominent dataminers on Twitter – but we already have a few previous leaks that we're waiting to see go live.

Keep reading for a quick recap of the skins and cosmetics we're expecting to see once the new 7.10 update drops Tuesday morning.


Winter Themed Love Ranger

This is the skin which carries the most weight of all the current leaks.

The icy looking Love Ranger was one of three winter themed skins for skins that already existed in the game.

However, the Love Ranger actually had textures in the files which has allowed Fortnite leakers to get a good look at (roughly) what this new skin could look like.

The original Love Ranger was a legendary skin costing 2000 V-Bucks so we would anticipate that this new Winter Themed version of the skin will also be a fairly pricey legendary skin for fans to purchase.

The Love Ranger was also part of a 'Royal Hearts Set' but it's not clear if this new winter themed version will also have it's own set of matching cosmetics.

Thankfully we don't think we'll have long to wait to find out more.

Winter Themed Raven & Red Knight

The Raven and Red Knight skins are two of the more popular and famous skins from Fortnite and we should see them also receive a winter theme makeover just like the Love Ranger mentioned above.

At least, that's what people believe since these two skins were also mentioned in the same datamined files from the original Season 7 update.

The only difference is that unlike the Love Ranger there are no textures currently available in the game files for these two new winter-themed skins.

So although we're fairly positive that we'll see a snowy/icy makeover for the Raven and Red Knight Skins, we might be waiting a little longer before they're released.

Tweaked Christmas Skins?

In the Season 7 trailer we saw a lot of previously released Christmas skins teased once again but so far there's only been two festive skins make a comeback.

At the time of writing, only NOG Ops and the Yuletide Ranger have been made available again in the Season 7 Item shop.

However, the trailer has hinted at past Christmas favourites such as Codename E.L.F, Red-Nosed Raider, Ginger Gunner, Merry Marauder and Crackshot.

We would imagine we see these skins will return once again, but obviously, that wouldn't make them 'new'. However, it's possible we could see some tweaked versions of these skins arrive.

For instance, a female version of the Legendary Crackshot skin? Or a female Codename E.L.F outfit?

On top of this, there's one further Christmas skin that's also been teased in a new Season 7 Loading Screen…

Burnt Merry Marauder?

The male gingerbread man skin is one of the many past Christmas skins we're expecting to see return, but a Season 7 Loading skin has teased a potential new version of the skin.

However, this new skin looks like the Merry Marauder has been left in the oven a wee bit too long, as he's got all burnt and crispy around the edges.

It's also worth remembering what Epic Games did with the return of the games re-released Skull Trooper Skin in Season 6.

Not only did the game add a female version (not necessary here as we already have the Ginger Gunner) but there was also a special version of the Skull Trooper available only to those who had originally purchased the skin when it was first released.

This meant original Skull Trooper owners got an extra colour variant so players could show off and let everyone know they bought it when it first released.

It's possible this will be similar for the Merry Marauder. So whilst people might be able to buy it once again, original owners of the skin will probably be given this burnt version as a special treat.

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