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Red Dead Redemption II - what do you think of Sadie?

Red Dead Redemption II – game of the year or not?

A reader offers a counter to last weeks feature and insists that Rockstars latest is one of the best video games hes ever played.

Following the recent Readers Feature that went to lengths to explain why Rockstars latest offering, Red Dead Redemption II, is undeserving of Game Of The Year status I feel compelled to write in defence of, what I believe it to be, one of the greatest games I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

I know Red Dead Redemption II has some issues with the controls but I think they are not the major issue that some people make them out to be. I found that a few tweaks in the settings and a couple of hours getting used to them was all that was needed.

The one area that I think every man, woman, and horse can agree with is how simply stunning the graphics are. The attention to detail is mind-blowing, be it puddles in the mud or how the light shines through Arthurs ears. I still find moments where I shake my head in disbelief, long after I have finished the main story. I can barely believe what Im looking at is just a bunch of pixels and polygons. I think this game has set the benchmark for video game visuals for the foreseeable future.



Rockstar has always given us great satire and memorable characters, some might even say that was their strength. However, the one area where they have often come under fire for was the lack of interesting female characters. Well, I am glad to say they have knocked that criticism clean out of the park. With the likes of Karen and Miss Grimshaw they give us brilliant, thought-provoking supporting characters but where they have really excelled is with Sadie Adler.

Sadie enters the game an almost forgettable event in the tutorial and develops into a key part in this wonderful, Wild West yarn. I might even go as far as say not only is Sadie one of the best Red Dead Redemption II characters but also one of Rockstars best ever. I would happily pay for more Sadie Adler, be it DLC or even a standalone game.

Maybe gorgeous graphics and a feisty femme are not enough to elevate Rockstars magnum opus to Game of the Year levels. Perhaps it really doesnt do anything new or innovative, I dont really know for sure and Im not even sure if I am qualified to say. What I do know for sure, though, is that I have rarely ever been this besotted, this obsessed, this in love with a game and its characters in some 40 years of playing video games.

When Im not playing it I am reading articles or talking about it with my gaming friends. I often find myself thinking about certain moments or pondering how to tackle that legendary beast that has been giving me grief. Maybe it is not a great game. It is a great experience, a magnificent achievement, an outstanding work of art. And while that may not be good enough for The Game Awards it certainly does plenty to get my, slightly less prestigious, best game award.



By reader Poleson (PSN ID)

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