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Doom – what were you playing 25 years ago?

The evening Inbox has some suggestions for improving The Game Awards, as one reader calls for Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch.

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Quarter of a decade

Not that I honestly wouldve thought about it but I wouldve guessed Doom was older than 25 years. It seems a lifetime ago when that first came out, so long ago that I can barely remember anything other than the fact I played it. I mustve been at secondary school I think, because it was the talk of the playground and anyone who had access to a powerful enough PC was feted like a god.

And the game came out on consoles and suddenly it didnt seem so special anymore, even next to dreck like Jurassic World. For years after games like that were just called Doom clones though, which to me is the ultimate accolade.

I liked the reboot but for me it still fell a bit short of what Doom is. When it first came out it was light years ahead in terms of graphics and the gameplay was like nothing else around (well, technically thered been Wolfenstein 3D but that was obviously primitive even at the time – Doom felt properly high tech).

The reboot is fun but its certainly not state of the art and I dont feel it did anything than kind of update the original idea and graphics. I suppose thats the point of a reboot but I imagined so much more when I was a kid, of what a Doom game could be like 25 years later.

Three times the Samus

A few days ago I ripped my Metroid Prime Trilogy disc to an ISO for Dolphin. It ran like trash on my bros Dell laptop, but oh man was Metroid Prime 3 gorgeous in 1080p.

With new textures and a better lighting engine for all three games, it would be a must buy on the Switch. And hey, if Nintendo tossed Zero Mission, Metroid II, Super, and Fusion, that would be an even sweeter deal.

Another game Id love to see remade is F-Zero X or GX (preferably X, something about GXs physics have always bothered me). Come on Nintendo, we want a new F-Zero.

Small packages

The last physical game I bought for the Switch was Super Mario Odyssey and the cartridge has been inside my Switch ever since, as Ive been downloading indie games. So I had a surprise when I opened the case for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… the cartridge is so tiny! With the game being so massive with content and not seeing a Switch cart in 12 months it came as a shock.

I didnt enjoy playing the Wii U game until I unlocked Wario, the character has never appealed to me but when I unlocked him the game truly became entertaining. His fart attacks are hilarious, and you have the unique ability of killing your opponent with a motorbike! Other characters became available who I loved just as much, such as King Dedede and Lemmy with his egg-mobile blasting into the sky.

Royal Mail have only just delivered Ultimate and I cant wait to smash!
Mr Spacefoxy



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Never again

So I see that version 1.0 of DayZ is being released this week. I recall spending far too much time running around the desolate map back in late 2013. I still feel that I wasted £20 and swore to never touch an early access title again. I kept that promise up until PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds and Fortnite – although I feel I wasted my money on the former.

From reading a few forums briefly it seems that v1.0 is still severely broken and actually has less weapons and vehicles than it did four years ago. The whole early access thing still leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I now, more than ever, appreciate developers like Nintendo that release a finished game with no need for massive patches from day one.

Deceptive numbering

My most anticipated game of next year, as Ive said before, is currently the Resident Evil 2 remake and going by the hands-on previews Im not going to be disappointed, and its out in February!

So imagine my almost orgasmic surprise and elation to read in Eurogamer that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – my absolute favourite – is apparently well under way with the same love and attention, as Capcom are convinced Resi 2 is going to do well.

Im not a mathematician, but if my finger counting is correct then after 3 comes…

GC: Its just a rumour and we cant see any sign that Eurogamer reported on it. That said, it does seem inevitable if Resident Evil 2 does as well as expected. Also, err… after 3 comes CODE: Veronica. The game that was always intended to be the real Resident Evil 3, until a last-minute name change made it the spin-off instead of Nemesis/Last Escape.

Unlucky for some

Article 13 has passed and although this will affect YouTube and other websites I do have a question and am hoping that someone from GameCentral or the community who has knowledge of this can provide some clarification.

Would this affect services such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and other online gaming services in the near future? Also, what effect will this have on gaming review websites as well as anyone who does games reviews and gameplay walkthroughs? If the EU deems these sites have any copyrighted content then wont this prevent anyone in the EU from accessing this?

In either scenario, I cant honestly see this ending well for us and this could only be the start as the EU could potentially look into applying this to modified video games with copyrighted content that they dont agree with or even like, which I am sure the EU would target the modding community.

I just really hope that Article 13 eventually gets scrapped as I can only see content creators losing out on what I feel is a poorly constructed article and never should of even been considered by parliament at all and has now opened the floodgates for it to be expanded to games and online media services.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: It certainly doesnt affect anything we do, at least as far as weve been told.

The good old days

Reading the Hot Topic letters at the weekend, in particular the writer who wanted the terrible artificial intelligence to be retained in a GoldenEye 007 remake because of how much fun they had with friends, I was reminded very much of this sketch by Limmy.

Getting older is not much fun.
PS: Ive been reading since the Teletext days and the standard of your work remains exceptional, especially considering how much you have to do.

GC: Thanks.



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Next time

I really shouldve learned by now, about getting to excited about preview events but next time I am absolutely going to convince myself that theyre not going to show anything, and then be shocked and surprised by anything they show simply by default.

I dont want to have a go at The Game Awards either because they did put on a good show and while it was too long I like the atmosphere and the bit where the heads of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all came on stage together was great. The impression I got though was that the awards and the previews stuff shouldve been separate. Either on different nights or just completely different shows.

Not only did it make it overlong but the switch between one thing and another was jarring and it was inevitably the awards that got forced to make way for the other stuff. I liked the orchestra though, I wouldve been happy with more of that to be honest – really make it like the Oscars.

Just my thoughts. I wouldnt sit up watching it all night like you guys had to but I was happy to catch up during the day later. And now Im just left with my dreams about games, and other reveal events, to come.

Inbox also-rans

RE: Alien: Blackou. What happened to the new game announcement? I thought something was due to be unveiled at The Game Awards but dont think anything has been said or have I missed it?
PS: Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

GC: You missed everyone being upset that it wasnt announced, but thats all.

Just spent all weekend playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or at least it seemed that way, and yet I dont even seem to have scratched the surface of on World of Light. What an amazingly huge game!

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Alberto, who asks whether you consider yourself loyal to anything in gaming?

Is there a particular console or console maker whose products you always buy? Is there a publisher or developer whose games youre automatically interested in just because of their involvement? Or is there a video game series or character that you almost always get regardless of what others have said about it?

Do you defend whatever it is online or do you try to keep quiet in front of others? How do you feel your loyalty is rewarded by the companies in question and have you ever given up on something you were previously loyal to?

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