Monster Hunter World Update COUNTDOWN: New Monster? G Rank? DLC? PS4, Xbox, PC News TODAY (Pic: London)

Monster Hunter World was recently crowned the best RPG of 2018 at the game awards and rather than simply slinking off the stage award in hand, the team behind the game had something extra special to share.

They revealed that coming later today, Monday, December 10, the team would unleash a new Monster Hunter World presentation.

Although precisely what the presentation is for, hasn't been made clear.

It's possible that the team have some special DLC planned for the game, or possibly something to commemorate the games one year anniversary since it's release in January earlier this year.

As pointed out by VG247, there might be something to do with a new Pink Rathian, following a retweet on the game's offiicial twitter account.

Again though, it's all a bit of a mystery, although we have some ideas (further below)

Keep reading for everything you need to know, leading up to this monster livestream.


When does the Monster Hunter World livestream start?

Capcom's livestream is scheduled to begin today (as mentioned) with a start time of 6am PST, 9am, EST, and 2pm UK.

The developer update should last somewhere between 10-20 minutes based on past MHW livestreams and will likely be hosted by the games esteemed producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto.

You can choose to watch tihs via YouTube, using the video above, or by following the links to watch on Twitch or Facebook.

What could they show on the livestream?

Clues have been few and far between, but some anniversary content seems a safe bet. There's also a tweet on the Japanese Twitter account, which when translated, reads:

"From December 10 (Mon), "Monster Hunter: World" special feature planning start! Enjoy the sequel!"

Obviously, this is only a translation, so it has to be taken with a pinch of salt, but assuming it's semi-accurate you'd have to assume that whatever the update it, it'll be quite substantial.

In fact, because we like it so much, have a look at the Bingo card one Monster Hunter World fan shared on Reddit. That pretty much covers your bases.

Monster Hunter World BINGO (Pic: u/0megaRidley)

Could it be a G Rank announcement?

This is our favoured suggestion. Not only because it would be like adding 'a sequel' to the game, but would also would appease longtime Monster Hunter World fans too.

For those not in the know, G Rank is obstenively the hardest difficulty in the Monster Hunter series, but equally, it tends to benefit everything in the game.

For instance, G Rank monsters are different, with higher HP, bigger sizes, added moves and combination of moves. It's like a completely new monster really.

Equally,players can obtain better higher tier armour from G Rank monsters, more perks and so forth.

In short, G Rank is a pretty big deal, so would be perfect for a Anniversary update, adding further longevity to the game as well as providing a decent start to 'year 2'

As we say though, what Capcom and the MHW team do announce is still completely under wraps.

Thankfully, it's only a few more hours until we find out what they have in store.

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