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Dragon Age 4 - or at least that's what it's implied to be

Dragon Age 4 – or at least thats what its implied to be

BioWare has made good on their promise to give a first hint about the new Dragon Age, as they claim to have a few projects underway.

Technically BioWare did tease a new Dragon Age last night at The Game Awards, but you wouldnt necessarily know to watch the trailer – unless you already know who The Dread Wolf is.

Hes been mentioned since the first game in the series and is the elven god of betrayal and/or rebellion and Lord of Tricksters. So a sort of Loki type figure who betrayed both clans of gods.

The trailer ends with the tagline #TheDreadWolfRises, but beyond what that implies it doesnt really say anything else about the game.

BioWare always warned that the next Dragon Age (whether itll be called Dragon Age 4 is unclear) will be at least a couple of years away so the teaser isnt necessarily being coy, its just that very little final work wouldve been completed yet.



General manager Casey Hudson was in attendance at the awards though, where his main focus was on hyping up online shooter Anthem.

He revealed a new trailer, that gives some hints about the story behind the game, and got the orchestra to play some of the soundtrack.
Anthem does look good – we were generally impressed when we played it back in August – but publisher EA has made little effort to publicise it so far, despite the fact that its out on February 22.

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Hudson also hinted that Dragon Age was not the only other game BioWare are working on at the moment, saying that the studio has a few projects underway and a few surprises left.

A new Mass Effect has already been promised for some point in the future, but theres also been continued rumours that BioWare will work on a new Star Wars game similar to their classic Knights Of The Old Republic.

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