Hearthstone Release for Rastakhan Rumble: What Time does expansion and cards release TODAY (Pic: BLIZZARD)

Hearthstone Rastakhan Rumbles Overview:

Hearthstone is today adding a new expansion pack on PC and Mobile platforms.

Blizzard are yet to announce an official launch plan for the updates – but we still know a lot about what new features which are coming.

You can expect the expansion to be added in the next few hours, so continue reading to clue up on everything Hearthstone.

What is Rastakhan Rumble?

Rastakhans Rumble is the 10th expansion for Hearthstone, the online collectible card video game from Blizzard.

In the words of Blizzard: “Rastakhans Rumble, is a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred expansion for Hearthstone featuring 135 new cards.”

As well as the 135 new cards to the game – and there will also be some changes.

For example, there will be Legendary Champions and Loa minions for all nine classes.

There will be new Rare quality Spirit minion cards.

In addition to new cards, there will also be a new keyword called Overkill.

Overkill rewards you for doing more damage to a minion than is required to kill it.

It will allow you to take a second swing of a weapon.

Players can also look forward to free single player content called Rumble Run – which will open on December 13.

Continue reading below to find out more about which features we will see.

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When is Rastakhan Rumbles release time?

The release time for Rasakhans Rumble will vary depending on where you live – and some will be able to play it before others.

Blizzard have confirmed the starting times for each region:

Americas: December 4 – 10am PDT

UK: December 4 – 6pm GMT

Europe: December 4 – 7pm CEST

Asia: December 5 – 2am KST / 1am CST

China: December 5 – 2am CST

Keep in mind past Hearthstone expansions have seen release times change, so we wouldnt be surprised if this happened again.

Hearthstones next expansion will be released on December 4, 2018.

Hearthstone Release Time Rastakhan Rumble How to get new expansion desk cards

Hearthstone Release Time Rastakhan Rumble: You can get the new expansion pack today (Pic: BLIZZARD)

How to get Rastakhan's Rumble:

You can get the Rastakhan Rumble card packs through the in-game shop.

You can pre-purchase the Hearthstone: Rastakhans Rumble pack already.

There are two bundles players can pre-purchase.

The 17-pack Challengers Bundle includes the Ready to Rumble! Card Pack.

The 50-pack Rumble Bundle includes the King Rastakhan Shaman Hero in addition to the Ready to Rumble card pack.

These one-time bundles can be purchased for £16.99 and £44.99 respectively.

Also, the Rastakhans Rumble cards are also cartable for the normal amounts of Arcane Dust.

What are the main new features of Rastakhan Rumble?

TROLL CHAMPIONS LEAD THE WAY – Trolls from across Azeroth have formed teams behind their nine strongest gladiators—Legendary champions, each of whom specializes in a different fighting style.

LEGENDARY LOA – All trolls worship and revere loa, powerful Wild Gods based on animal spirits. In Rastakhans Rumble, these loa can be called upon in the form of nine new Legendary minions.

For example, Paladins have been blessed by the Loa Shirvallah, the Tiger, a 25-mana 7/5 Legendary minion with Divine Shield, Rush, and Lifesteal that costs less for each mana spent on spells.

SPIRITUAL SYNERGY – The Loa have imbued each team with power manifested in the form of Spirits, Rare 0/3 class minions with special effects designed to synergise with other cards.

The Rogue Spirit, Spirit of the Shark, allows the Battlecries and Combos of the players minions to trigger twice, empowering crazy combos and effects!

NEW KEYWORD: OVERKILL – Embodying the crowds lust for flashy and over-the-top finishing moves, cards with the new Overkill keyword reward players with a bonus effect for dealing excess damage.

One example is the Warrior Weapon Sulthraze, a 6-mana 4/4 that lets the player attack again each time it overkills a target, repeating until the weapon breaks.

RUMBLE RUN SINGLE PLAYER: In the single-player mode for Rastakhans Rumble, Rumble Run, players can compete for glory before cheering crowds in a no-holds-barred smackdown in the Gurubashi Arena.

Hearthstone fans must choose a troll champion and climb the ranks in this gladiatorial contest to be crowned champion.

In Rumble Run, you start your run by picking one of three randomly selected Troll champions.

This choice determines your class for this run and gives you a powerful minion on the board at the start of each match.

Hearthstone Release Time Rastakhan Rumble How to get new expansion desk cards

Hearthstone Release Time Rastakhan Rumble: There are 135 new cards (Pic: BLIZZARD)

Any other changes to Hearthstone?

Blizzard have revealed there will be various game improvements and bug fixes:

▪ Game Mechanics Update – Different damage redirection effects can chain with each other, but each one will only occur once. Re-directed damage is applied before modifiers (e.g. Cursed Blade) and will only damage the final target once.

▪ Added a black and purple sparkle effect to indicate when cards and powers that normally provide healing will do damage instead (such as when affected by Auchenai Soulpriest).

▪ The Rogue Quest card, Crystal Core, now applies to minions in your deck, rather than applying after they are drawn.

▪ Enchantment tiles now use a square border like history tiles.

▪ Deathrattles that move a card to hand or deck will no longer sometimes prevent its other Deathrattle effects from triggering.

▪ Fixed an issue that could prevent Augmented Elekk from activating.

▪ Tracking will no longer sometimes make a card invisible when your hand is full.

▪ Resolved various minor UI and visual issues.

▪ Resolved several interaction issues in single-player content. Set watermarks will no longer appear on non-collectible cards.

▪ New Player Experience

▪ An Undo button is now available after disenchanting a Wild card when in New Player Ranks.

▪ When at Legend in both Standard and Wild, if the Wild rank is higher, it will once again be shown on the Quest Log and Friends List.

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