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Will it be as big as GTA Online?

Remember that even when you do get online, its just a beta

Rockstar Games has announced the start times for Red Dead Redemption IIs online mode, and as usual its all very complicated.

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Never mind retro graphics and vinyl soundtracks, the concept of having just a single release date for a new release is about as old school as video gaming gets nowadays.

Red Dead Redemption II does have a good excuse though, in that its Read Dead Online mode is, much like GTA Online, likely to be its own separate game.

We say likely because Rockstar has still said virtually nothing about it, and yet its out tomorrow… for some people.

If you bought the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption II then Red Dead Online will switch on at 1.30pm tomorrow in the UK.

If you only got the normal edition but you bought it day one (October 26) then youll be able to play it the next day: Wednesday, November 28



If you didnt buy the game on day one but did get in its first weekend (i.e. anywhere up to October 29) then you can play on Thursday, November 29.

And then finally everyone else can join in on Friday, November 30.

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Although that may seem a little unfair if you were slightly late joining the party its really just a way of ensuring that not everyone logs in at the same instant and breaks the servers.

GTA Online was pretty scrappy for the first weeks when it launched, and Rockstar are already warning to expect the same from Red Dead – but we expect things will settle down pretty quickly.

Red Dead Redemption II - less than a month to go now...

Red Dead Redemption II – online this week

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