Twin brothers pleaded guilty to bomb-making charges Monday in a saga stemming from an investigation into rape charges against one of the brothers that exposed their operation.

Christian and Tyler Toro, 28, pleaded guilty to assembling materials with the intent to make explosive devices Monday, The New York Times reported.

“We were going to use the black powder and other materials to make an explosive,” Christian Toro told Federal District Court Judge Richard M. Berman, according to TheNYT.

Authorities discovered the brothers activities after a 15-year-old girl at Harlem Prep High School called with a bomb threat Dec. 4, 2017. Officers arrested the girl and charged her with making the call.

Christian taught at the school and resigned Jan. 9. Shortly thereafter, authorities began an investigation and charged him with allegations of raping the 15-year-old student twice in late September. (RELATED: Illegal Alien From El Salvador Charged With Brutally Raping Woman In New York)

That investigation led authorities to discover Christian had paid two students roughly $50 an hour to take explosive powder out of fireworks and store it in containers, TheNYT reported. Instructions for making explosive devices were also on Christians computer, which Tyler had returned to Harlem Prep following his brothers resignation.

The brothers used the code name “Flash” for their bomb-making operation, according to authorities. They were also obsessed with online conspiracies, TheNYT reported in February. Christian told authorities he had researched the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Authorities reported the brothers had assembled “a veritable trove” of bomb-making materials and chemicals. They found 20 of iron oxide along with pounds of potassium nitrate and aluminum powder at the brothers residence. Firecrackers, metal spheres, and explosive powder were also among the items found.


Authorities also found a diary containing a number of cryptic quotes as well as entries providing further insight into the brothers plans.

“If youre registered as a sex offender, things will be difficult,” Christian wrote in the diary. “But I am here 100 percent, living, buying weapons. Whatever we need.”

His brother Tyler also had a diary in which he allegedly wrote, “We are Twin Toros stake us now, we will return with nano thermite,” according to Reuters.

Despite the plethora of incendiary items recovered by authorities, the brothers insisted they did not intend to actually cause harm to anyone or use the bombs.

“I just want you to know that I had no intention of using it, let alone on anyone or anything,” Christian told the judge Monday. Tyler also maintained that he didnt intent to hurt anyone, according to TheNYT.

The explosives the brothers were attempting to build “could have caused great damage,” according to U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman, TheNYT reported.

The two men will face sentencing March 26, and could receive up to 10 years in prison, according to Fox5.

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