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Will it be second time lucky for Skyward Sword?

Eiji Aonuma has allegedly teased that a version of Wii game Skyward Sword may be coming to the Switch next year.

The Wii U is rapidly running out of games to be ported to the Switch, but it seems Nintendo may have found a new source of remaster-able games… on the Wii.

According to Japanese fans The Legend Of Zelda director and franchise overseer Eiji Aonuma appeared at a Zelda concert last night and, presumably in response to a piece of music, said: I know what you are thinking, Skyward Sword for Switch, right?

His comment apparently met with loud approval but nothing more was said.

Skyward Sword is an unusual entry in the series in many ways, as although it came out on the hugely successful Wii it did so towards the end of its lifespan and wasnt that big a hit – selling barely a third as much as Twilight Princess at the beginning of the generation.



Part of the reason for that is the games controversial motion controls, which were easily the most complex on the system but which some (but not us) complained were too unreliable and imprecise.

The games unique structure, involving revisiting the same areas multiple times, and irritating assistant Fi were also controversial amongst fans, but whether Nintendo would seek to change anything about the design is unknown.

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Presumably the controls could be mimicked quite easily via that Switchs Joy-Cons, and indeed the improvements in motion control technology over the years may be one of the best reasons for remastering the game.

Skyward Sword is already a popular subject for fan experimentation, using the Dolphin emulator – where the game can be seen to polish up very nicely in HD.

Normally itd be anyones guess as to when Nintendo would officially announce the game but considering its The Game Awards next week theres a very good chance it could happen then.

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