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Alien Isolation – probably not getting a sequel

A new Aliens game is looking like its going to be announced next week, but it doesnt seem to be anything to do with Alien Isolation.

The last time there was a big effort to turn the Alien films into video games – just before Ridley Scott started work on Prometheus – was when Sega bought the rights and churned out the legendarily awful Aliens: Colonial Marines, DS game Aliens Infestation, and the flawed but atmospheric Alien Isolation.

None of them were financial hits and so Sega quietly gave back the licence and that, most fans assumed, was that. But now rights holder 20th Century Fox (soon to be bought by Disney) have started to make games themselves, and the first seems to be called Alien: Blackout.

The name was given away by a trademark filing but nobodys being that secretive about it, as The Game Awards organiser Geoff Keighley has just tweeted an image that uses what is clearly the font of Weyland-Yutani from the movies.



The evil corporation is not only the one that always wants to capture aliens for military research but they also run a business terraforming planets, which is presumably part of what the Worlds Will Change tagline is a reference to.

As if that wasnt blatant enough an American developer named Cold Iron is happily advertising the fact its working on an Alien game, having recently been bought by 20th Century Fox subsidiary FoxNext.

Technically, Fox announced the deal, and the game, back in January but everyone seems to have forgotten about it since (we know we had) as there was no real information about it until now.

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Cold Iron havent released a game before but are staffed by many ex-members of MMO developer Cryptic Studios. That doesnt seem to imply anything about the Alien game though, which on their website is described as a new PC and console shooter based on the Alien franchise.

The Game Awards takes place in the early hours of Friday, December 7 and is promising to feature more new game reveals than ever before. So wed expect a few more teasers like this before then…

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