Pokemon Go: HUGE changes coming later today ahead of December Community Day (Pic: NIANTIC)

Niantic is due to add a massive update to Pokemon Go – and it's due to add it tonight.

At 9pm GMT this evening, the developer behind the hit mobile game will be rolling out a substantial update that will fundamentally change the way the power of Pokemon in the game is figured out.

To put it simply: Niantic is closing the gap between high defence and high HP Pokemon, and the rest of the creatures in the game.

The result? Defending Pokemon will be more viable battlers (and won't have to rely on running down the clock) whilst the HP other other Pokemon will be brought in line with high HP 'mon so there's less of a gulf between the worst and best battlers.


Niantic has previously outlined the changes it will be bringing to the game. Back in October, the developer hinted at the changes that were due to come to the game soon.

A Niantic press release noted:

Changes to Pokémon Effectiveness in Battle

We also wanted to use this opportunity to rebalance in-game battle mechanics. You may notice some of the following changes in the coming weeks:

• CP values will be adjusted going forward to improve game balance.
• HP values will be adjusted to close the gap between high HP Pokémon and low HP Pokémon.
• Pokémon Defense and Stamina values will be retroactively rebalanced, allowing highly defensive Pokémon to be valuable in battle by outlasting opponents rather than simply running out the clock.
• Defense values have also been slightly retroactively reduced for most Pokémon. Changes like these will help narrow the gap between Pokémon with the highest defensive stats and other Pokémon.

These changes will be in place before the next Community Day hits – which you can read more about below.

The November event involving Shiny Cyndaquil has only just finished, but information on the next update for the game is, in theory, right around the corner.

In the past, developer Niantic has usually announced their plans for the next Pokemon Community Day just a few days after the conclusion of the last Community Day – so with that in mind, what do we have to look forward to?

If previous trends continue, the December Community Day event is expected to take place on the weekend of December 15/16, and if it's based on the same timings as past events, it will take place between 10am and 1pm (in the UK).

Now that we've seen Chikorita and Cyndaquil headline Community Day events, we can expect Niantic to move onto Pokemon featured in 10km eggs for the special day.

That means the likes of Bagon, Slakoth, Ralts and Trapinch could be coming to the game next – along with their shiny versions. After that, we'll circle back around to the final starter of Gen 2, Totodile.

You can read all about our predictions for Pokemon Go December Community Day at the link.

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