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Fallout 76 - Bethesda embrace multiplayer

Fallout 76 – have you played it yet?

The morning Inbox just cant agree on whether Red Dead Redemption II is a hit or miss, as more readers are impressed by the Pokémon movie.

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As expected

So against my better judgement I kept my pre-order for Fallout 76 and after the disc arrived I found that it worked online already, even though it said it wouldnt. Ive just put in an hour or so and… its Fallout 4. I mean, it just is. The graphics are the same (maybe the trees are slightly better but thats it), the gameplays the same (except V.A.T.S. doesnt really work anymore), and the boring story is the same (does any Fallout fan ever like that aspect?).

Im super underwhelmed and yet at the same time its just what I expected really. Theres something to be said for purposefully lowering expectations. The most important thing for me is how the co-op works because as a single-player game its already clear that this is a non-starter.

Not really played around with the base-builder thing yet, but I cant pretend that was really my favourite bit of the first game either. So yeah, Ive taken a risk and so far the best thing I can say is… its not worse than I thought?
Epic Wander
PS: I assume your review will be a while, GC, if its an online-only game?

GC: Were playing it at the moment and will try to have some early thoughts up on it tomorrow, but a review is probably not going to be till next week. We couldnt get started on it until it went live either.

Saddle up

I have just completed the story of Red Dead Redemption II and I must say that, on the whole, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had in gaming. Yes, there were niggles with the controls, but as for narrative and characterisation, compared to GTAs wilfully obnoxious, foul-mouthed stereotypes, I loved that the game was filled with pathos and wistfulness for the people and places of that bygone age.

I can quite understand why some folk did not take to it, as it is a slow burner and if you simply dont click with a game theres not much you can do. For my tastes however, I would place it highly on my list of games of this generation and I cannot wait to mount back up online.
BloodDiamond1980 (PSN ID)

No Redemption

I had Red Dead Redemption II for two weeks but it is now on eBay, I hate it. I loved the last one but this one, everything is such a grind. Need proper fast travel, need money with ridiculously high bounties on your head.

This felt more like a horse-riding sim, as that is all I seemed to do. I wonder how long the game would actually be if you had proper fast travel, I am gutted. Was so looking forward to this game but in my opinion nowhere near as good as the first one. Despite all its flaws Far Cry 5 has ended up being my favourite and most fun to play game of this year.
captainbloodsnot (PSN ID)

GC: It does have proper fast travel, you just have to unlock it with a few camp upgrades.



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Giving it a pass

I hate to be a downer but I tend to agree with the reader saying that Crackdown 3 still doesnt look very good. The destruction tech is great but the whole art and level design of the game just looks so ugly and unappealing. A game with as much destruction as this I should be chomping at the bit to play it, but everything so far has been one big meh.

I will play it, but only because its on Game Pass. Which I think just underlines what a great deal that is. Microsoft might have messed up their exclusives this gen but I think Game Pass could turn out to be one of the best, most pro-consumer moves gaming has ever seen. Like the anti-loot box.

My only concern is that when other companies start to copy it they start to chip away at the value for money. You just know theres a team from EA trying to work out the maximum they can charge for it while giving the minimum away. Its not hard to imagine Microsoft getting less generous once its properly established too, or creating levels of subscription. Lets hope that doesnt happen because for now its pretty fantastic.

Extreme makeover

I think Im getting withdrawal symptoms. Its been a week or so since Ive seen anything new on Resident Evil 2 and I need that in my veins! I know its just a remake but I have never been so excited for a new game as this. Everything Ive seen and read about it sounds like they just got it absolutely perfect.

Funnily enough it reminds me of that Pokémon movie trailer in that its being rewarded for just doing what the fans want instead of some weird tangent that has nothing to do with the original game. If youre going to do an adaptation youve got love the original, and want to honour. Not just think you can do better.

Resident Evil 2 feels like what a fan would do as a dream game and to me thats the ultimate accolade. I really dont see whats wrong with giving people what they want. To use another movie analogy, thats why so many people hated The Last Jedi.

By the way, if Resi is a remake does that mean it wont be eligible for your 2019 game of the year awards? Not that Im getting ahead of myself or anything…

GC: We dont normally count remakes, but then theres never really been one with quite as extreme a makeover as Resident Evil 2.

Mobile trend

After all the fuss made about the Diablo mobile game, I wonder if thats put Blizzard and other publishers off doing similar things in the future? Everyone backed off pretty quick from loot boxes once Star Wars: Battlefront II bombed but I really cant see Diablo Immortal being anything other than a hit. I mean, if Diablo III sold 30 million and that was pretty controversial, doesnt this mean that people just like moaning and like Blizzard games?

Like the guy said, everyone has a phone and I dont see even the biggest haters not at least trying it to see what its like – so they can moan about it some more. But then theres the chance for it to get its hooks in them.

Like the other reader said, its surprising that after Fortnite proved shooters can work on mobile that we didnt suddenly get Call Of Duty and Battlefield mobile as well. Im sure theyre working on it somewhere. Once streaming becomes big and you can get any game on your mobile consoles themselves might become niche. Although I suppose that doesnt bother Diablo fans who only want it on PC anyway.

Final extra

Any other completionists out there that thought they had aced Zelda: Breath Of The Wild may be as surprised as I was to learn that the item given to you by Kass after completing the Champions Ballard DLC can be displayed at your home in Hateno Village.

Just check for the prompt on the wall near the bed.
Bad Edit



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No free lunch

Good for Nintendo for cracking down on piracy, personally I think illegally downloading anyones creation is both lawfully and ethically wrong.

These days it seems to be far too easy to steal media, although I never do it myself. People nick films, music, and games and act like its nothing. Well, illegally downloading a product isnt nothing because wheres the recompense for the poor bloke (or woman) whos just spent maybe years of their life locked in the act of creation?

Take a thought, for example, for the bleary eyed-programmer whos spent months modelling a tree, and after all that frustration and effort some feckless berk just nicks the finished game without a trace of guilt?

I think thats disgusting.

I cant absolutely take the moral high ground here, since when I was at school I exchanged copied ZX Spectrum games. But now that Im older I know better and try to buy everything new.

Good for Nintendo, more game publishers and developers should prosecute pirates. If there were consequences for illegally downloading something maybe people would get the message. Nothing in life is free, except maybe sunlight, rainwater, and fresh air.
msv858 (Twitter)

Inbox also-rans

Im not gonna like, that Pokémon trailer looked pretty great. If it ends up being the first good video game movie itll be hilarious.

Glad that Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! has been getting good reviews. I was looking forward to it, despite the negativity, and glad to have a Pokémon game on the big screen for the first time.

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Gilo, who asks whats your favourite open world game?

With Red Dead Redemption II just out, and games ranging from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to Assassins Creed Odyssey offering up some of the largest and most interactive worlds ever seen in a video game, we want to know which is your favourite game featuring an open world environment.

What does a good open world add to a game and what do you find are its limitations? How would you like to see this style of game evolve in the future and do you think there are too many at the moment or not enough?

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