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Diablo Immortal - worth getting angry about?

Diablo Immortal – worth getting angry about?

The evening Inbox worries about Smash Bros. Ultimates online service, as one reader reveals Ferris Buellers bedroom experience.

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Online complaints

Ive been reading about all this Diablo Immortal business with a mixture of bemusement and genuine despair. Why do gamers always get like this? Why is it when the slightest thing goes wrong suddenly they want to burn everything down, cancel the game, and murder the developers.

People will say its just impotent rage on the Internet but we see more and more nowadays how complaining online has real and lasting consequences. More so than in real-life really, considering how easy it is to get someone sacked from just sharing a tweet, or issue death threats, or try to hack them.

And all for what? Because fans had convinced themselves there was going to be an annoucement even though they were told, in what to me seems very unambiguous language, that it wouldnt be there. And who cares if theyre making a smartphone game? If you dont like it dont play it, theyve literally already said theyre making a proper game as well!

GC were right to point out in their story how often this sort of thing happens, with Call Of Duty, Pokémon and just about everything else. Why is it that so many gamers are ready to go berserk the second theres a bit of news they dont 100% agree with? It kind of makes me embarrassed to admit I play games myself to be honest.

Money talks

RE: Diablo babies. What a bunch of entitled babies. I think its time all companies stopped listening to outrage on social media. We didnt get what we wanted so cancel the game. Even buying a ticket to Blizzcon doesnt entitle you to a better announcement. The world doesnt work like that. It runs on money and money talks.

Instead of crying and complaining use your wallet. And if the game still sells or makes a billion quid, then its time to accept you are in the minority or you should make your own games.

The line in your Diablo III review about how it still sold 30 million copies pretty much summed up why all companies need to stop listening to angry people on Twitter. Use your wallet not your thumbs. If I ran a million-dollar company I know who Id be listening too, the silent majority with money where their mouth is.
Anthony Daniels

Why we are mad

So the things Ive learnt today is that Diablo is really popular (Ive barely ever heard of it and certainly never played it), its fans are barking mad, and gamers get really angry for the tiniest of reasons. I mean, whats the worst case scenario here? That the smartphone game is really successful and Blizzard has lots more money to spend on console and PC games?

Do they seriously think that Blizzard are going to so top making PC games even if the mobile game is successful? Like, theyre just going to leave the 30 million sales of Diablo III on the table, because they cant be bothered or dont have the money to do both or something?

None of it makes sense and while I can understand being upset if loot boxes are involved a) that still doesnt affect anyone if they dont play the game and b) that seems to be pretty low down the list of complaints. I can only imagine some of the choice emails GC has had this morning.

GC: Weve had a few, one of the more printable quotes was: Blizzcon is for PC gamers, always has been not for mobile phone or console. Just read Diablo forums, you will see why almost every Diablo and World Of Warcraft players are mad.



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Funny faces

Ignoring the fact of which is the better game for a moment I think theres an interesting discussion to be had as to whether Red Dead Redemption II or God Of War has the better graphics. Red Deads landscapes and attention to detail are amazing, of course, but God Of War is no slouch and, importantly for me, it has much better facial animation.

GC briefly mentioned the terrible hair in their Red Dead review but I think the general quality of faces and animation is still quite poor in Rockstars games. Arthur looks great, presumably because hes on screen all the time and they put more resources into him, but most others look very unconvincing and that kind of takes me out of the game.

I realise you cant do something as complex as Detroit: Become Human in an open world game but Ive found that aspect of Red Dead very disappointing, especially for a game thats being lauded for its graphics.

Discouraging word

I suppose someone needs to shoot the elephant in the room, but Red Dead Redemption II is a bit boring isnt it?

It almost feels like they are having a wind up. Dodgy controls, animations for days, rubbish subject matter coming at ya like Cleopatra!
Zombiekicker (PSN ID)

GC: Well, Rockstar better pack it up. Theyve been found out at last.

Coming storm

I havent heard much about Nintendos online service recently, which I assume means it must be working okay. But what happens when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out? My memories of the previous games is that online never worked properly and was basically not worth bothering with. Which is fine (ish) if youre not paying for it, but absolutely not if you are.

Will it cause Nintendo to upgrade their servers or will they (more likely) just ignore the problem? I could see them giving up on the paid service rather than fix it as they just do not seem interested in that sort of thing.

I really wish they hadnt opened this genies bottle as the Switch was looking really pro-consumer for a while there. I know the service is cheaper than the others, and you get free games, etc. but everything just seems much more defensible beforehand. Now I kind of resent giving Nintendo my money for anything.

No charge

Its not a game as such but on Oculus Rift theres a Ferris Bueller bedroom experience which is as bad as it sounds.

Its a VR recreation of his bedroom, with a documentary telling how they made it and information about items in the room. Some items are interactive. Its free to download.



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My Dinner with Andre

I was taken aback by the vision displayed by Gaz, in suggesting the veritable 80s classic Ferris Buellers Day Off as an effervescent addition to the pantheon of current gen classics. Quoth the Gaz: this is one film that truly deserves its own official video game. However, I feel that there are other alternatives that could equal, nay exceed, the proffering from Gaz.

Gaming is increasingly taken seriously as an art form and is also home to an ever more well-seasoned, yet sternly adventurous gamer. The success of the masterly, incendiary and ambulatory Read Dead Redemption II clearly indicates an appetite for more period-themed games.

Might I venture to suggest a classic that could take this discussion to unanticipated heights. King Lear would make a fine adaptation, especially using the bullet-hell shmup genre as a vehicle. The contrast between the crepuscular one-eyed Lear and the perfect storm of enemies would be truly enrapturing and could take place in Kent, Gloucester, Cornwall, and Bognor – the locational namesakes of many of the antagonists.

How could such an offering fail?
Matt (he_who_runs_away – PSN ID)

Inbox also-rans

Just want to add to the praise for Tetris Effect, its the best version of the game Ive played since the original Game Boy. If you can play it in VR then all the better!

Just to remind everyone but the final dates for the Fallout 76 beta are tomorrow and Thursday. Like many I havent been too convinced of what Ive seen so far, but Im still hoping itll come good in the end.

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader gaz be rotten and asks what do you want from the next generation consoles?

It looks increasingly inevitable that the PlayStation 5 and the successor to the Xbox One will at least be announced next year, so what are you hoping theyll be? How much of an improvement do you want and expect from the graphics and are there any features, such as motion controls, VR, or streaming that you think will – or should – become a new standard?

What kind of games do you want to see on the new consoles and what new features do you hope theyll include? What would a new console have to have for you to consider getting it and do you think the next generation is coming too early or about right?

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