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Fortnites live event saw Fortnitemares come to an end on Sunday and it provided a fun experiences for players who were in the game.

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The purple cube, which has been nicknamed Kevin, disappeared for presumably the final time and teleported players to a rift where they could interact with butterlies before returning to the map.

Loot Lake has now been changed once again with only just a few remnants of Kevin left on the map.

Fans who want to remember the purple cube can now try and unlock a special Lil Kev back bling item.

There are three challenges that players will need to complete to unlock it and fortunately theyre not too difficult.

Players have until Sunday 11 November 1 PM ET / 6PM UTC to complete all of the challenges and unlock the item.

Kevin is no more (Epic Games)

What are the Lil Kev challenges?



  • Play Matches (0/15)
  • Gain 5,000 XP (0/5000)
  • Outlive Opponents (0/500)

Completing each of the three tasks will earn players 500XP while finishing all of them will unlock the Lil Kevin back bling.

(Epic Games)

What is in the new update?

One of the biggest additions this week is the new balloon item that players can use to float into the air.

It has epic rarity with 20 deployable balloons that can be used at a maximum of six at a time.

They are can be found in floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas and Vending Machines.

Three weapons have also been vaulted during this update – semi-auto sniper, guided missile and the dual pistols.

The other major news is that Epic Games has decided to continue having glider re-deploy enabled.

It was originally being tested at the start of the last update and the success has led to developers deciding to keep it around for now.

This is a decision that has already divided the community but there are plans to change and improve the feature in the future.

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